‘Scoop Brothers’ bring ice cream shop to Angels Camp

Artwork adorns the walls of the Yummy Ha! Ha! ice cream shops in Angels Camp and Copperopolis, designed and created by co-owner Valentino Curry.

Brothers Valentino and Peter Curry, aka the Scoop Brothers, have opened their second Yummy Ha! Ha! ice cream shop just across from Angels 6 Theatres in downtown Angels Camp, bringing tasty temptations to ice cream lovers of all ages.

According to Valentino, the secret to Yummy Ha! Ha! ice cream is “real ingredients, fresh ingredients.”

Both Valentino and Peter spent years in the information technology world but found that world lacked creativity. One evening at a family dinner, the brothers discussed the possibility of making career changes when their mother, Linda Herman, suggested an ice cream shop. For Valentino, the idea took hold and blossomed.

The first Yummy Ha! Ha! Shop opened in Copperopolis Town Square in Copperopolis in 2015. When opening the first shop, Valentino says he paid attention to detail, supervising much of the store’s remodeling project. Somehow he managed to overlook one major detail: “I didn’t learn to make ice cream until two weeks before the store opened,” he said with a shy smile.

Being on a learning curve did not slow down his creative juices at all; his creativity extended beyond ice cream.

Both the Copperopolis and Angels Camp stores are decorated with artworks Valentino created.

“It was important to me to bring in pieces of each town in my artwork,” Valentino said of his decorative art. Pieces in Angels Camp depict an ice cream cone jumping from the roof of the theater into a steaming pot of hot fudge, as well as a “bad” ice cream cone that resembles notorious stagecoach robber Black Bart being taken captive by “good” ice cream cones in a playful ice cream fantasy world.

“About a year ago, Valentino came to me wanting to open another Yummy Ha! Ha! ice cream shop in Angels Camp, and asked if I would be interested in joining him,” Peter said. “Well, I had been in the IT world for some time and was kind of burnt out, so I jumped at the opportunity and I said, ‘Yes.’”

Peter has not regretted the decision at all.

“I love the customers. I love creating new ice creams and I love the area,” he said.

‘Scoop Brothers’ bring ice cream shop to Angels Camp

Yummy Ha! Ha! ice cream shop  co-owner Valentino Curry creates a special batch of artisan ice cream with his batch-freeze machine in Angels Camp.

As with Valentino, Peter had no experience with creating ice cream prior to joining the business, “other than eating it,” he laughed.

But pairing the creative brothers’ minds together is proving to be a successful and ingenious venture, one in which customers reap tasty rewards.

Yummy Ha! Ha! will soon offer a new ice cream of the month with special flavors and enticing flavor combinations.

Both locations are open from 12 to 7 p.m. Wednesdays through Mondays, and offer sundaes, milkshakes and a variety of cones and toppings.

The brothers also have big plans for the future of the Angels Camp location, including revamping the back patio area to bring in music and plays, as well as making reservations available for family gatherings, business meetings and private parties.

For more information call the Angels Camp store at 890-7596 or the Copperopolis shop at 785-2333.


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