Cranial Sacral Therapy offered in Copperopolis

acqueline Youngquist, Certified Massage Therapist and owner of Body and Mind in Copperopolis, has added Cranial Sacral Therapy to her list of healing modalities.

Always striving to “sense out what a body is telling me,” massage therapist Jacqueline Youngquist, owner of Body and Mind massage in Copperopolis Town Square, has added Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) to her extensive list of healing modalities.

“It’s been a blessing,” said client Elly Rich. “It moves you, heals you. This is what I’ve been looking for for awhile.”

What drew Youngquist to this particular healing modality was the proven effectiveness on children with special needs.

“This therapy works to help find that calm for a child, and that just warms my heart,” she said.

Cranial Sacral therapy was developed in the 1930s by osteopath Dr. William Sutherland after he discovered that a small degree of motion was allowed by the cranial structures which allowed them to pulse in relation with the body through cerebrospinal fluid in the central nervous system.

“There exists a cranial rhythm,” Youngquist said. “It’s a separate rhythm from that of the heart and the respiratory system; it is its own unique rhythm.” A rhythm that Youngquist stresses must be in time.

To be able to practice CST, Youngquist embarked on what she terms “an extensive process.”

Youngquist was fortunate enough to be invited to attend CST certification courses offered by Upledger Institute International in 2017. After completing the first level, CST 1, Youngquist was qualified to begin offering CST at her practice. However, to become certified she is looking at many more years of study, exams and hands on testing.

No matter how long it takes, Youngquist remains undaunted.

“Someday I will have not only CMT (certified massage therapist) after my name, but also CST,” she said.

According to publications by the Upledger Institute, CST has been shown to help with pain management, illness and dysfunction, including, but not limited to, “migraines and headaches, chronic fatigue, spinal cords injuries, ADD/ADHD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.”

Celebrating one year in business on Sept. 11, Body and Mind will begin to offer a line of nutritional supplements with a focus on antioxidants.

“A proper antioxidant level can help to maintain a healthy body,” Youngquist said. She is also currently receiving training on the Biophotonic scanner which can scan a client’s personal antioxidant level by measuring carotenoid levels in a person’s living tissue without causing any pain.

What Youngquist strives to achieve at her practice is the ability to “have a neutral intent to offer my charge and my energy to my client for them to use to self regulate and self heal.”


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