It’s time to start a new school year. That means new hopes, new goals, new friends and new routines.

Do I remember what worked last year? Nope. I always start off super organized and prepared, and then I realize none of that is going to work.

Honestly, kids are a work in progress; what works today might not work tomorrow. I have great kids, but motivating them to stay organized and on track is a struggle. Open communication lines are a must. On that note, I demanded that my boys get planners for the school year. High school is too much here, there and everywhere for me to keep up with. Last year we used Google calendar because we could share it and hypothetically keep up with all of it. This year we are going back to pencil and paper. Finding a system that they will use is always the big struggle. There are lots of ways to keep organized, but all of them require participation. Maybe if we designed an app that was more like a video game?

One thing I can get them to participate in is meal planning. I’ve gone all fancy and had a planning wall, an app, and I’ve done pencil and paper. The app works well for us, and I’m sticking with it. Having a planning wall was totally awesome, but it was really cluttered. It did its job though and taught all of us what worked for us, and got everyone involved in the meal planning.

Going back to school is a natural time to make some adjustments and integrate new goals and old strategies. So I’m going old school this week and making charts. I’ve got too many schedules, and I need to see it all laid out and color coded. Then I’ll decide who’s doing what, and when.

Until then, I guess it’s all on me. So let’s make dinner easy to help with the adjustment, and an easy dessert to put a smile on their faces.

This week’s menu is based on the Treat’s ad on page B10.

Pork tenderloin

BLT pasta salad

Ham and Swiss sandwiches


Korean beef and noodles


Corissa has been a resident of Calaveras for over 25 years. She is a mother of 4 who loves raising her kids in such a supportive community. Writing was never something she saw herself doing and it has been a wonderful new adventure.

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