May was a crazy busy month for me, and June is proving to be the same. In all the flurry of activities and work I had to do, two realizations floated to the surface:

No. 1, my kitty boy, Oliver, will be celebrating his first birthday.

No. 2, the Viking and I have been together for two years now. The Viking and I matched on an online dating website on May 28, 2017, and went on our first date on June 22, 2017. We were given Oliver on June 15, 2018, in the parking lot of the movie theater in Jackson after seeing “Incredibles 2.” Our sweet but mischievous kitty boy has led the way to a very interesting second year together, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. He has certainly tested our mettle (and our patience), but I think we grew together as a couple.

However, I was surprised that I essentially forgot about our anniversary until I remembered our cat’s birthday, and felt pretty silly about that. Whenever I heard about people forgetting about special anniversaries, I was baffled.

“How could you forget such a special moment in your life?” I would ask myself.

Now, though, I get it. When one or both people are working, volunteering, going to school, or have little critters to care for, remembering the day you went on your first date can easily slip under the table.

To be fair, two years is nothing compared to 50 or more, and it’s not to say that we’re any less affectionate toward one another, but still, I get it. Life gets busy.

Despite understanding, I was annoyed with myself. If I hadn’t remembered Oliver’s birthday, would I have missed June 22, too?

The following months are going to be just as busy. The Viking will be starting his teaching credential program this fall, and should be just finished with it by this time next year. He will be student teaching during the day, then driving down to Turlock for his classes at night. I’m going to have a very busy work schedule between my various jobs and the ranch. We’re going to have to literally schedule a weekly (or monthly) date night just to spend some time together. I never thought I would have to do that in my adult life, but here we are.

Maybe we could plan a vacation, but that won’t happen until winter, when he’s on break and things slow down at the ranch for me. But then it’s the holiday season, when we’re going to have to run around and visit family. Are we going to even see each other for our third year together? And I don’t mean going to the grocery store or the gym or other errands together; I mean spending some quality time together as a couple, just him and me.

To the couples out there who have been together for years: how do you do it?

For the past few nights, though, we’ve been watching the show “Outlander” on Netflix – history and fight scenes for him and romance for me, so it has turned out to be a happy medium for us both – and to be honest, just having that hour sitting together relaxing and having a date night in has been nice. So maybe that’s what we’ll have to do for a bit, which I don’t mind. When you find the right person, sometimes an evening at home is just as special as a night out.

So, this is just a friendly reminder to take a moment to slow down and enjoy the moment with your spouse or significant other. Don’t let life get in the way of romance.


I’m a local girl raised in Calaveras County. When I’m not working for the Enterprise, I’m either writing a book or riding a horse at the family ranch.

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