Picture this: we are having lunch with family and I’m making the enchiladas. We’ve been running behind since yesterday and nothing is going as planned. I’m trying to get everything and everyone in the car. I didn’t have time to start the enchiladas last night, so we saved it for this morning. One of the boys helped me throw the meat in the pressure cooker, for which I am extremely grateful. I don’t have time to put them together for lunch, but I do have time when we get there. We are finally off and get to the house on time, now I’m just going to throw these together. I have plenty of time. Then I’ll join everyone for a swim.

Nope. I cannot get the lid off the pressure cooker, pressure has released and the lock should release, but it won’t. Lunch is not going to be enchiladas if I don’t get this lid off.

So I stress out and try everything I can think of to manhandle this lid. Finally I turn to Google. Google says if you use a wooden spoon to press down the sealing valve the lid will release. Turns out it works; the lid released, and then I saw the problem. My son, didn’t know there is a max fill line on the pot, so when I said add tomato sauce till it’s full, he took me literally. It was all the way up to the lid. Lunch did manage to get served on time, but I missed out on the swimming.

What did I learn? Well, how to unstick a lid, which is why I’m telling you this story. I also learned to be more specific when giving directions to my sous chef, and I learned to check his work. Stressing out never helps. Google does actually serve a really good purpose. Last but not least, I’m overscheduled. OK, I already knew the last one, but I’m not really sure how to fix that. There is just too much to get done in 24 hours.

Here is an easy recipe to throw together last minute. It usually requires a trip to the grocery store, and it’s a little pricey, but it can save me from take out. My kids love it when I pull this out of my hat.

Dip Sandwiches

1 package of rolls

1 stick of butter, optional, or garlic spread, optional

Garlic powder optional

1.5 pounds of roast beef sliced

2-3 cans of beef consomme soup (add as much or little water as you like) or broth

Open rolls and spread butter on both insides of the rolls, add garlic powder as you would making garlic bread. Toast in the toaster oven on the tray on top brown. Or broil in the oven. Heat soup in the microwave, water down as needed for your dipping sauce. Note: you can add the meat and heat it all together if you prefer. Place a quarter-pound of meat on sandwich. Serve with a small bowl of soup for dipping.

This week’s menu is based on the Treat’s ad on page B10


Chicken parmesan

Tuna melts

Dip sandwiches

Fettuccini Alfredo

Have you had any mishaps in your kitchen you’d like to share with me? Contact me at Corissa@calaverasenterprise.com


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