Best of the Mother Lode 2013 Balloting Rules

RULES: Complete one or more of the Best of the Mother Lode ballots online by clicking the links, to qualify to win one of our sweepstakes prizes valued up to $545.00. Increase your chances of winning by voting early and by completing ballots for all three counties of the Mother Lode. Drawings will be held each week. All entries for voters who do not win a prize will remain in the sweepstakes for future drawings. To complete a ballot that QUALIFIES FOR the sweepstakes YOU MUST fill in at least half of the categories on that ballot with the name of a business in each category that is located in that county AND INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION. Voting is limited to one ballot per county, for a total of three ballots for each person. A complete list of businesses in each category can be found in the Mother Lode Business Network listings, which can be accessed by using the links provided as part of the online ballots or by clicking here.

To begin voting online, click on one of the three ballots listed below.

Online Poll

What will you do if PG&E institutes power outages?

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