I, for one, am sick and tired of my vote being neutralized by illegals voting in my country’s

elections. I include George Soros-sponsored groups railroading California’s elections

as well as drug (read: marijuana) interests subsidizing campaigns of local county office

contenders. No accusations, just a concern.

Rural Voting is another concern. Splitting California east from west—coastal vs. inland—

instead of three odd areas (on the ballot in November) will give the less populous inland

counties more equal standing with the densely populated coastal counties.

Another way of voters being disenfranchised is voting for U. S. president by popular vote.

The more populous coastal states—east, west and south— (approximately four or five states)

would determine the winner while the other states would be relegated to being “fly-over

states” where they would have no access to the candidates or the process. Why would

candidates spend money in states that won’t be a determining factor? Our Founders invented

a way to even the playing field where populous states wouldn’t overrun the smaller states

—(always a concern even from our beginnings). I speak of the Electoral College.

If we don’t wake up and speak up we will lose our country and its U.S. Constitution’s form

of law and order. There are forces at hand which want to tear this country apart. Don’t wish

this future on your children and grandchildren. Protect your vote! It’s a privilege denied in

many countries.



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