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Global Calaveras invites readers to share the story of their adventures beyond the borders of our Mother Lode. It began many months ago when we discovered a former Mokelumne Hill resident had embarked on a cross-country bicycle tour. That led to a series chronicling her travels. Then a former contributor asked if we would be interested in a story about her experiences as a researcher interning with a historical novelist in Ireland. And then a Mountain Ranch resident wrote several installments detailing a 2011 trip to Nepal, and eventually to India, to rediscover the people and places he and his wife had encountered while serving in the Peace Corps three decades ago.

Do you have an adventure story to share? Contact Buzz Eggleston at editor@calaverasenterprise.com. Yours could be the next installment in Global Calaveras.

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Trying to summarize a month-long trip to a foreign country is an almost impossible task. My trip to Ecuador was one that covered so many aspects of life. Since my trip was a course offered through my nursing program at California State University, Stanislaus, this wasn’t a total vacation for…

Let us hear your thoughts on one of the most important issues facing Calaveras--whether to ban or regulate and tax cannabis farms and sellers. Government officials can better serve the public interest if they know what the public wants and why.