Nurse practitioner brings women’s health focus to Calaveras County

Linda Colliflower

Nurse Practitioner Linda Colliflower has joined the staff at San Andreas Family Medical Clinic, after more than 20 years as a well-known professional in neighboring Amador County. She and her husband Dr. William Colliflower shared a practice of gynecology and women’s health before his recent retirement.

Together, the pair has treated hundreds of women from Calaveras County during those years.

“I feel like my patients and I have grown up together,” said Colliflower. “I’m looking forward to connecting with them and in some instances, their daughters, once I am settled here in San Andreas.”

But now, the pair is ready to bring their expertise a little bit closer to the epicenter of Calaveras County.

“My husband was ready to retire,” she continues, “but I was not. Knowing that so many women have to leave this area for women’s health care, I thought I could make a real difference by joining the team here at Mark Twain Medical Center.”

Staff with the clinic is already excited to have her on board due to her past experience within the tri-county community.

“Linda has been providing quality and compassionate care to the community of Amador for many years,” stated Dr. Lonnie Smith, chief medical officer and clinic director.

“Having her practicing along with our care team at our San Andreas Family Medical Center is an additional value to the community of Calaveras and our neighboring counties. Her expertise in women’s health will allow us to expand even further in providing this much needed service for years to come,” Smith said.

Colliflower and her husband moved to Volcano in Amador County in 1992 from Kona, Hawaii. They operated their practice in Jackson for 21 years and became associated with Gill Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Group in Lodi for a couple of years before his decision to retire.

They live on a farm near Daffodil Hill where she says they have always enjoyed “listening to the quiet.” Linda’s leisure time pursuits are caring for the farm’s menagerie – including a lovable boxer, feral cats and a flock of chickens. Dr. Colliflower spends his time tending the olive trees that source their thriving olive oil business and pursuing his writing career. His first book “Monsters of Medicine” was recently published. The couple has three adult children and seven grandchildren.