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The issues surrounding the legalization of recreational marijuana have created an unprecedented political divide among Calaveras residents and those of other communities around California. Typically, the issue is posed as whether to ban the commercial cultivation and sale of marijuana entirely, or regulate and tax it like other agricultural crops. Those choices were left to local towns, cities and counties under California law.

In Calaveras, this debate takes place in the historical context of: 1. a very long history of illegal activity that involved growing and selling marijuana; and 2. nearly two decades of local growers operating legally to supply the market created when medical marijuana was legalized in California.

More recently, Calaveras voters rejected the statewide proposition 64, while that measure to legalize both growing and selling recreational marijuana was passed by a significant majority of voters throughout the state in the 2016 election.

Within the past few months, public meetings in San Andreas and Angels Camp addressing the ban/regulate choices have devolved into emotional shouting matches and personal name-calling.

As the newspaper of record for the community, we strive to provide our readers with a balanced and objective presentation of the facts. In that same spirit, we are now creating a forum where members of this community can contribute to the debate with facts and reasoned statements of their views on this important issue. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

We will also ask each contributor to include their name and local place of residence so that we can link each submission to an author who lives and is entitled to vote in the county. However, we recognize that there can be good reasons why someone might be unwilling to have their name associated with a particular position on the issue. In order to encourage the broadest participation, we will honor written requests to withhold the author's name.

Contributions will be accepted by email, fax or letter. All contributions that meet our basic requirement of a focus upon facts, choices and opinions rather than personalities and accusations will be posted to a separate cannabis forum page on our website at In addition, and as space allows, we will print a representative sample of forum submissions in the Calaveras Enterprise.

Please email submissions to or

Let us hear your thoughts on one of the most important issues facing Calaveras--whether to ban or regulate and tax cannabis farms and sellers. Government officials can better serve the public interest if they know what the public wants and why.

Thoughts on cannabis

People of good will want a safe and prosperous community. Because it’s a psychoactive substance, cannabis farming requires consideration of different public safety risks than, say, raising grapes. To understand those risks well enough to create useful public policy requires verifiable facts to be presented in a realistic, honest, manner. Read more

This county government is not competent to manage a regulatory program. The planning department has no consistent guidelines, the desk people give out erroneous information, the planning council is inept, when the ordinance was drawn up they failed to include experts in farming best practice, the sheriff is a buffoon, his own officers keep jumping ship and our BOS is FOS. Read more

On the subject of commercial cannabis grows; I think only Calaveras County locals that have lived here for 5-10 years should get permits to grow commercially. Locals are more likely to spend profits realized here. People from out of county are more likely to take the money out of county. Read more

Regulation, taxing, and monitoring is GREAT. The days of the drug wars should have ended 40 years ago.  Read more

I am with a farm that has made a considerable investment in the industry. I always wondered why no one opened a Walmart or Lowe's in San Andreas.. Guess I know now. Such a glorious place to live.. you can only grow so may tomatoes.

I do wonder when Jeff Sessions will start sending the feds in and putting half of Calaveras county in a giant pen. Read more

Of course, big business' takeover of the pot industry isn't just something we're seeing happen in Colorado. Canada, which has been a source of great success for the green rush and investors, looks to be dominated by just a handful of larger businesses. Read more

I have been a resident of Calaveras County for 40 years. I have raised three sons here. I love this county. I have seen over the years the gradual deterioration of this community, with families moving away because of lack of job opportunities. I have seen businesses close their doors and buildings stand empty. Read more

Living next to at least four very large illegal grows during past years, I have become more uneasy in my own yard and when hiking in the surrounding hills like I have since childhood. I have had my home water supply compromised by 'wild land' pot growers on public lands. I have witnessed a diversionary fire started during an eradication. Read more

The Ban of Commercial Marijuana: Did I get that right? After everyone has paid their fees, etc. and followed all the rules, the BOS banned the growth of commercial marijuana? So who foots the bill when you guys go to court? Taxpayers, right? Read more

I have built a handful of cannabis farms here in the past 5 years. I am a construction worker with 25 years of growing my own cannabis. Originally from Florida where is is still illegal I moved to Cali in 2010 after losing my construction company of thirty employees and the house I first bought when I was twenty to the recession caused by bankers and insurance companies.  Read more

We are now going down the rabbit hole of lack of county funding for infrastructure, human services, schools, etc… Question…where will $$$ come from to run Calaveras county? We have a bargain basement Transient Occupation Tax (TOT) …Is it still 6%?… could not locate Amador County’s TOT, Marip… Read more

This is a small community unless the legally allowed growth amount/growing is done within a reasonable length away from our Town and nearby Schools or Parks, I don't want it in Calaveras. We've had too many issues with people already abusing their right to legally grow it, just coming to fin… Read more

As a Calaveras landowner I was disappointed to see the supes completely blow an opportunity to allow for regulatory ordinance. As painful as that was to see, I am proud of Mike and Jack sticking to their guns and not caving for such a strict ban.  Read more

Ten days into the new year, just as state regulations come online, a bare majority of the board of supervisors appear poised to pass a contentious ordinance that could help clear the playing field for a big business buyout of the cannabis industry in Calaveras. Whether intentional or inadver… Read more

Let me remind everyone that we are all in this together as equals. The duties of Government Officials is not to prohibit land owners rights to farm or put unnecessary tax burden(bias and prejudice) on family farms. Read more

I have pondered why there is such a argument with cultivation in our county. I can understand how some are disappointed and don’t like the fact that outsiders are coming with no land stewardship and not a care in the world. I personally feel the fact that the new state laws require track and… Read more

If it is, then a ban seems to make sense, even if we would violate the Constitution with its protection of the individual rights to Life, Liberty and Property. Read more

I don't think Marijuana should be legalized anywhere. Just because you need the revenue to control it, doesn't mean it should be legalized. What about heroine and cocaine, are you going to make that legal to produce because the tax revenue will help fun the control of it. Stupid idea. Make a… Read more

I have pondered why there is such a argument with cultivation in our county. I can understand how some are disappointed and don’t like the fact that outsiders are coming with no land stewardship and not a care in the world.  Read more

I have been a Central Calaveras resident for about 14 years. As it must be obvious, the greatest changes I've seen are the result of the Butte fire and the associated influx of cannabis cultivation. Read more

The 75% tax guarantees that the illegal grows will continue. Read more

The Cannabis Dilemma. I read with great interest the pro and con arguments posed by Prapanna Smith and Bill McManus with respect to cannabis growing in Calaveras County. It is indeed a dilemma which if unsolved, will lead to further deterioration in Calaveras County’s growth and livability. Read more

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