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Discredited claims target WP teacher

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Posted: Friday, September 7, 2012 9:21 am | Updated: 9:24 am, Fri Sep 21, 2012.

Spellman spreads accusations

District 5 Supervisor Darren Spellman got involved in the District 2 race for supervisor recently when he sent an email that said a schoolteacher was using school resources to support a candidate in the race. When all was said and done, the allegations were found to be untrue.

On Aug. 29, Spellman sent the email to Calaveras Unified School District Superintendent Mark Camp-bell that suggested a teacher at West Point Elementary School was campaigning at a school function and had used CUSD contact information to discuss with parents the District 2 race between Bryce Randall and Chris Wright. He also sent the email to area media and to Calaveras County District Attorney Barbara Yook.

“I got a disturbing phone call today that a ‘Mr. Casey,’ a teacher at West Point Elementary School, was promoting Chris Wright for county supervisor, campaigning at the back to school night,” the email read.

“I was also told he is using the school phone directory to contact parents of students both past and present to invite them to his home for dinner parties to discuss why they should vote for Chris Wright instead of Bryce Randall.

“I believe these purported actions by this teacher are of a disciplinary nature and I am asking for an investigation, particularly regarding use of private contact information obtained through the school for what appears to be blatant political campaigning which is an abusive (sic) of private information, public trust and is a non-sanctioned activity per California law.”

“I will follow up on this and see what I can determine specific to any allegations of inappropriate/illegal activity,” Campbell responded to the supervisor.

Jim Casey, the Teacher of the Year for CUSD for the 2011-2012 school year, was cleared of any wrongdoing by Campbell. Randall emailed media outlets to say that he had talked to Casey and that “we both agree that even though everyone has the right to file a complaint, it should stay between the one voicing the complaint, the Superintendent and the individual involved. If you feel that you must cover this as a news story, I would ask that you please leave Mr. Casey’s name out of any article. He is a good teacher, well respected and an asset to our West Point Elementary School. I would not like his professional reputation as an educator to be affected by these allegations. I have trust in Superintendent Campbell’s desire and ability to handle this in the proper manner.”

Campbell said the accusation was baseless.

“Based upon my investigation regarding the allegations against Mr. Casey, as communicated to you directly and then to me indirectly, I find that there is no evidence to substantiate the allegations and conclude that the allegations are unfounded,” he said in response to Spellman. “Mr. Casey did not violate CUSD Board Policy or California Education Code, as was alleged. Any belief or indication that he might have the character and disposition to do so is to be refuted.

“If the person making these allegations has definitive and valid evidence otherwise, and wishes to speak with me directly to address the matter, I would welcome the opportunity,” Campbell concluded.

“I want an apology,” Casey said last week, adding that he would like it sent to each entity that received the accusatory email sent to Campbell. “I’ve worked hard in this community,” he added, saying that his good name was besmirched. “He (Spellman) could have called me.”

Campbell, responding to the initial email, also suggested a different course of action to Spellman.

“Ideally, this communication/request would have been made to me directly and not the press, unless you deemed my investigation (process and outcomes) to be insufficient and in violation of law/code. That would have been more appropriate.

“Also, knowing Jim Casey,” Campbell continued, “he would never knowingly violate any law/code prohibiting campaigning/advocating of a political nature at a school campus or function and accessing any contact information he should not otherwise be privy to.”

Upon receiving Campbell’s assessment of the situation, Spellman backed off: “I will inform them about the outcome of your investigation and your invitation for them to provide proof at which time they can then decide for themselves how they wish to proceed.”

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  • LFT posted at 11:24 am on Thu, Sep 13, 2012.

    LFT Posts: 1

    Clearly Mr Spellman did some kind of research and planning before launching his attack on Mr. Casey. He needed to target someone and truth and facts were not part of his plan. He used lies about a good friend and colleague to discredit people working for the Chris Wright campaign. What he didn't realize was how respected Jim Casey is in the community. Jim Casey and others working for the Chris Wright campaign stand on stronger notions of truth, inclusiveness and honesty.
    Mr Spellman's actions cannot be rationalized, condoned or brushed away because he keeps doing them.
    He is a repeat offender of thoughtless, ill-informed statements, decisions and accusations that are an embarrassment to our county government.

  • Clandrummer posted at 10:06 am on Wed, Sep 12, 2012.

    Clandrummer Posts: 1

    When I first met Darryl Spellman he told me he wanted to be a bridge builder. He said he wanted to find ways to connect people to solve problems. Unfortunately since being elected as County Supervisor he has not lived up to that noble goal.
    A bridge builder does not attack a valued community member like West Point teacher Jim Casey with unfounded rumors in a public forum. If a someone who wanted to build connections made the kind of mistake Mr. Spellman made in this case he would come forward quickly with an apology.
    I expect a higher standard of conduct from elected public officials. Spreading rumors without looking for facts, slandering a teacher who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty in service to our children is mean spirited, divisive and shows a lack of judgment and respect.
    In my world I’ve come to believe there are two kinds of people- people who do what they say they will and people who don’t. The first group is easy to work with, the second is not. I’ve known Jim Casey for 15 years. He is a good, honest man and a great teacher. I know he’s in the first group, I think I know which group Darryl Spellman belongs to as well.

  • Mike Bullard posted at 11:11 am on Mon, Sep 10, 2012.

    Mike Bullard Posts: 568

    And we without a clue... comment.

  • shifty posted at 10:20 am on Mon, Sep 10, 2012.

    shifty Posts: 93

    Those who, those who cannot... teach..

  • RF posted at 6:38 pm on Sun, Sep 9, 2012.

    RF Posts: 1

    Don't you love local politics?
    I will admit this was hard for me to read. Not only have I personally had him as a teacher myself, Mr. Casey and his family have been dear friends of my own family for many years. I know where he stands on politics, although I don't recall him ever pushing them onto me as a student. I suppose if asked, he wouldn't lie about where he stands in the race between Randall vs. Wright, but I think that's just because he's an honest person, not because he's trying to promote one candidate or the other. I don't recall ever getting a phone call from him promoting one candidate, either.
    As for Spellman, I don't know what to say. It seems to say he was informed by someone anonymously that Mr. Casey was doing this. I'm not sure who told him, but I guess I wished he looked into it further before relaying the message around. Mr. Casey is a good teacher and cares about his students. Despite our difference in political opinion, he is still one of my favorite persons on this planet. No offense, Mr. Spellman, but Mr. Casey is right: he deserves an apology. Please be honorable and give it to him.

  • Desert Vet posted at 9:07 am on Sun, Sep 9, 2012.

    Desert Vet Posts: 15

    I told myself that I would not comment on the childish immature self-righteous entitled Spellman again, but after another idiotic accusation from this pompous moron who can't deal with his own pathetic existence and the fact that the job he does is meaningless and inconsequential, I had to say this; I hope that this teacher sues him….and wins.
    Spellman, for every action there is a reaction, and brother the Karma Gods are coming for you….
    The Karma Gods still remember how you did not vote for that grant last year for the Veterans….but that does not surprise me for your un patriotic attitude….you take for granted your freedoms that every veteran has fought and died for……

  • risingsuncaltelcom posted at 10:18 pm on Sat, Sep 8, 2012.

    risingsuncaltelcom Posts: 188

    Darren, Darren, Darren. How many times have I told you to do your research before opening your mouth. If there was something to it you don't go to the media first, you go to the proper authorities and let them find out what is going on. Remember - innocent until proven guilty. You want to be the champion of justice but that only works if you have the facts and the truth.

    And as far as a recall - forget it. Too much apathy and too many people either don't vote, don't read newspapers, don't care, don't want to get involved, or don't even know who their supervisor is.

  • Historian posted at 7:39 pm on Sat, Sep 8, 2012.

    Historian Posts: 3

    This is not how you treat people! For every action there is an action. The proplem with Spellman is that he is not a forward thinker. He is just a wantabee important person. Spellman float back to earth. This is Calaveras County and remember the the people here are important to this community. This is outrages behavior toward the fabric of this community. Remember you should be part of this community not just an outsider looking inward. Float down man, let the air out!

  • Bookldy209 posted at 4:39 am on Sat, Sep 8, 2012.

    Bookldy209 Posts: 359

    This is the second teacher Spellman has attacked publicly. Pattern? He certainly appears to be a loose cannon. Agreed, the lawsuits will eventually and rightfully follow this kind of behavior.

  • Mike Bullard posted at 10:15 pm on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    Mike Bullard Posts: 568

    I guess in a prison guard mentality sometimes I can let objectivity get the best of me and lose focus of any fallout. In my defense I'm a reclusive head trauma idiot. .
    I'm sorry that happened to good folks and I'm sorry I went to bat for him.

  • APRIL-K-66 posted at 9:27 pm on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    APRIL-K-66 Posts: 2

    What's up with Spellman? Is he friends with one of the runners for West Point? Or does he have something personal against Mr. Casey? Or is he just plain MEAN? He obviously isn't very bright, because his tactics just plain sucked! He did not succeed in trying to make this Community a political circus. We are a tight knit bunch here. We KNOW the Teachers, Business owners (and there's quite a bit, for such a small town!), Firefighters, Postal workers, and even our great folks at our Transfer Station and Yard (The dump) . We know them all by name, and they know us by ours as well. And everbody knows everbody. Even if we haven't met personally, we all know each other through this Community and all that we do for each other.

    So, Mr. Spellman did not cause us to go against each other. All he managed to do, was make us angry at his selfless acts for wanting to hurt people here. And if he's happy about what he has done, then he should NOT be in a political seat! It just shows that he has no compassion or heart for people's lives. And in this day and age, with our economy the way it is, we don't want someone so cold-hearted in office, etc. It tells us he is selfish and stupid. And jumps to conclussions before checking the true facts. But does not care, that in the end, it really messed up innocent people's lives.

    Mr. should be ashamed of yourself! You are a MEAN man and you need to stay out of other people's business. You had no right to hurt our Teacher, our District Runners and this Community, as a whole.

  • Mike Bullard posted at 6:03 pm on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    Mike Bullard Posts: 568

    Oh boy... ya mean Lottery suit.

  • Vitesse posted at 5:29 pm on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    Vitesse Posts: 5

    If I were Mr. Casey, I would find a good lawyer and file a muti-million dollar lawsuit for defamation of character and libel.

  • FrankRambur posted at 5:29 pm on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    FrankRambur Posts: 1

    Ok, Spellman might have got a little carried away...maybe not...But one thing you need to remember is these kind of things DO!! happen...Its probably been 8 years or so ago my daughter was in 8th grade at Toyon Middle School and she came home from school ,I asked her what she did at school that day she responded to me that in PE class they were making posters instead of doing PE.I asked her what kind of posters and come to find out they were political signs for the teachers union to protest (at the state capital) the governors budget cutting of education.Long story short...the teacher WAS formally reprimanded

  • Cleareye posted at 1:32 pm on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    Cleareye Posts: 642

    Why is Spellman always mixed up in these things?

  • William August posted at 1:13 pm on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    William August Posts: 9

    In my opinion, there certainly is a consistent pattern of abusive behavior here. I believe that the Calaveras DA, Calaveras Grand Jury or State DA would be interested at some point if enough of us share all of the history.....[thumbdown]

  • stilllaughing posted at 12:38 pm on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    stilllaughing Posts: 28

    Jim Casey is one of the best things about Calaveras County, Can't say that about Spellman. He needs to go away.

  • MichaelArkin posted at 12:25 pm on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    MichaelArkin Posts: 265

    A tempest in a teapot ?[wink]

  • Mike Bullard posted at 12:17 pm on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    Mike Bullard Posts: 568

    Yeah, I'll admit there was a little punk in his approach, I'd like to hear his take on it, that'd either show a little effort or give cause to abandon hope. I just haven't heard much of 'im lately, maybe he's tryin' but slipped.

  • Springsbunny12 posted at 11:58 am on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    Springsbunny12 Posts: 68

    Mike~ he didnt need to go to the media! he could have handled it with a private message or phone call to Mr. Campbell, instead he make a huge (typical for him) "scene" and sent copies to the media and the DA. Gimme a break. Investigating a possible bad thing? no, he was once again searching for attention. He got some, just not the good kind! This guy has a habit of trying to intimidate people. even if it means false accusations. This was "out of bounds".

  • Mike Bullard posted at 11:19 am on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    Mike Bullard Posts: 568

    I dunno, I think he mighta been outa bounds, but looks from here like he thought he saw dirt and got busy, then when he got slapped he backed off. Maybe he coulda gone to Sup. Wilenskey since it was his district, but the fact he wasn't engaging with past adversaries might just tell ya he wasn't being defensive, just investigating a possible bad thing.

  • Springsbunny12 posted at 10:37 am on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    Springsbunny12 Posts: 68

    Spellman should not be a Supervisor. The man is obviously not fit to be making decisions for the public. How do we recall him? How can this be acceptable behavior for an elected official? he is obviously allowed to get away with his antics over and over, so he continues with his bizzarro behavior. Enough.

  • PixiePacket posted at 10:15 am on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    PixiePacket Posts: 161

    Again with the craziness Spellman? The man is delusional. Seriously.

  • Dickey Weinkle posted at 10:14 am on Fri, Sep 7, 2012.

    Dickey Weinkle Posts: 153

    Doing a 'Spellman': going where no one in a position of local authority has gone before.

    I can only wonder who writes his material.

    If his vicious personal attacks had ANY merit, I could give him a little latitude.

    Public shunning is too good for him. I can only hope that Jim Casey gets a TRO. So should Supt. Campbell.