What is your stance on protecting national parks?

Borgeas: National parks are national treasures that must be protected from overcrowding, excessive development, certainly wildfires and other types of threats.

Miranda: The national parks are basic for the life in earth. The trees are transforming carbon dioxide in oxygen that is basic for the human life, the animals and any living entity in the world. We should protect the National Parks, since there is a great concentration of trees that can help us to clean the air, and reduce the contamination. Besides that, the National Parks are ecological reserves and a very good recreational area for all the families. We should protect our parks, since they are a very important area, for the living entities to survive, in general.

What is your stance on legalizing commercial medical marijuana cultivation? If so, how would you regulate it as an industry?

Borgeas: Medical marijuana is legal in California and patients are allowed to grow a certain number of plants. Part of the challenges that we have here are the California Medical ID card and the abuses that go along with that. I’ve been highly critical of the legalization of commercial and medical marijuana in Fresno County because of the uptick in organized crime and cartel-related industries. One of the difficulties we’ve had is understanding which laws should apply. From the standpoint of Fresno county, we have decided to use our land use authorities to regulate cultivation while still having to abide by the will of the California voters and legislature.

Miranda: I agree with the legalization of medical marijuana. As an industry, in the medical area, I will follow the FDA regulations.

What is your stance on wildfire spending, and do you support the prescribed burn approach to forestry management?

Borgeas: The foothills have certainly been devastated by wildfire after wildfire. I support prescribed burns and better forestry management and increasing the amount of funding the state is investing to fight wildfires. We’ve seen, especially over the last year that our resources and infrastructure have been stretched past the breaking point.

Miranda: I rather prefer, let the natural resources to follow their own natural laws. In addition, it is many resources that we can use and transform, rather than incinerate it. Broader implementation of prescribed burning and strategic management of wildfires in fire-dependent ecosystems will require improved integration of science, policy, and management, and greater societal acceptance through education and public involvement in land-management issues.

Where do you stand on raising minimum wage efforts?

Borgeas: Studies have shown that raising the minimum wage does not have the intended effects as people would like. Businesses oftentimes cannot afford to pay more, so their workforce actually decreases. My preference is to raise wages by encouraging economic growth and enacting policies that encourage job creation so there’s more competition for workers.

Miranda: I support increasing the minimum wage efforts.

How would you boost the state economy and create job growth in your district?

Borgeas: First we need to eliminate or dramatically reduce the job killing regulations. We certainly need to keep taxes down and do a better job of promoting investment in California, but in particular in the district itself, and that includes tourism as well. In Calaveras County and other foothill communities, we need to do a far better job of dealing with wildfires, because these wildfires are scaring away tourists and investment, especially the foothill areas. They’ve been devastated.

Miranda: Using the human and natural resources that is in State Senate District 8, for the benefit of our society, in California, USA, and the world.

Do you support the repeal efforts of SB1?

Borgeas: Yes, I certainly support the repeal of the gas tax. Fresno County is a self-help county, meaning that we self-assess through Measure C money for our roads and infrastructure. So then when you add on SB1, we’re getting taxed not once, not twice, but three times for purposes of road infrastructure. So we are getting triply hammered here. Rural California, which makes up a good portion of District 8 cannot afford to pay the hundreds of dollars a year more in gas and car taxes. What we also cannot afford is to defer our infrastructure more and more and more. We need to invest in infrastructure, but with the General Fund dollars that we have, not keep on going back to the taxpayers with additional taxes like SB1.

Miranda: SB1 did not qualify for the 2018 Ballot. I will be waiting for the voters’ decision, in California, in the November General Election in Proposition 6.

What would you like voters to know about you as they make their decision?

Borgeas: I am a family man. I am an educator and a county supervisor. In my official capacity, I have worked to increase law enforcement patrols, I have cut waste from government, protected seniors and veterans from scammers, and helped employers create good jobs. In the State Senate, should I be elected, I will work to protect Proposition 13, I will work to reduce the impact of wildfires on the Foothills, support the firefighting community, and continue my efforts to create good paying jobs and protect families from crime.

Miranda: Being in the political arena in California, I had the opportunity to be California Democratic Council Controller, and treasurer of FCDCC. I am the first Emerge California alumna, from Fresno County, one of the biggest rural areas in California and the Central Valley, and I oppened this program for all the women in California. I run for State Senate 8 district in 2014, obtaining 74,000. I am co-founder member of the Health Care for All movement in California. I am a global professional manager with expertise in the fields of: marketing where I had the opportunity to open market for several companies, from different parts of the world. In the financial area, I had the opportunity to handle investments entering to the New York Stock Market, what gave me a very good perspective of how, the micro- and macro- economy is handling at world and local levels. I also had professional experience in the research, and quality assurance area, in the pharmaceutical industry, one of the most regulated industries in the world. I was educator, at university level, in the areas of mathematics, physics, analytical development, and immunology.


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