1. What is the single most serious fiscal issue Calaveras County government will face in the next four years and how will you deal with it?

2. Is being a supervisor a full-time job, and are the current salary benefits appropriate? If not, what changes should be made?

3. The 2011-2012 Grand Jury chastised some supervisors for “shouting at other board members and the public, refusing to abide structure … and making sarcastic, inappropriate remarks.” What should be done about this?

4. The Grand Jury also said county employees complained of “hostile conditions as a result of being frequently pressured by current and former supervisors.” What should be done about this?

5. If you could reform one aspect of county government, what would you change?

6. Calaveras County taxpayers have a major investment in a new jail that because of staffing issues and costs will accommodate only half of its inmate capacity. Can supervisors do anything to improve this situation?

7. What are the top three needs in the district you hope to serve?

8. What can supervisors do to create more and better job opportunities in Calaveras?

9. Should county noise and sign ordinances be strictly enforced? Changed in any respect? If not, why not?

10. What current county supervisor’s views do you most admire and why?

Gary Tofanelli

Age: 58

Occupation: District 1 supervisor/business owner.

Place of residence: Burson

Place of birth and place where grew up: born in Sacramento, grew up in Jackson and Stockton.

Degree: Ironworkers Apprenticeship program.

Prior public offices held: Current supervisor, four years on Calaveras County Grand Jury

Any relevant biographical history: Married to wife, Denise, for 40 years, owned current business for more than 20 years.

 1. I think there are at least 2 serious fiscal issues facing Calaveras County: a) Completion of the General Plan and the EIR involved in its completion; and b) Staffing the jail and maintaining those staffing levels.

2. Yes it is a full time job. I knew and understood the compensation when I ran for this job it fair and appropriate. I would also state that I do not participate in the PERS program. I pay my own contribution into the Social Security system like most private employees.

3. Each Supervisor is an “Elected Official” and should conduct him or herself in a considerate way at all times in and outside of the boardroom. If the levels of objective behavior reach an unacceptable level then a recess should be taken.

4. The County has a hostile work environment policy to which all employees are oriented in including supervisors. If anyone feels threatened they should report it to their union, CAO and HR immediately without fear of retaliation.

5. I would go back to four meetings a month.

6. They can complete the General Plan in a timely manner to speed the economic development of this county.

7. The top three needs in no specific order would be: a) Completion of the Cosgrove Creek feasibility study to find a long term solution to the flooding problem b) Complete the 12 / 26 intersection improvements to relieve the traffic congestion at that intersection. c) Moving forward with the Caltrans highway beatification and improvement program on highway 49 through San Andreas.

8. Expedite the completion of the General Plan update along with hiring a full time economic development adviser like our neighboring counties have done.

9. Enforcement of these ordinances is within the preview of the Sheriff’s office. It is up to the officer at the scene to evaluate each incident.

10. I work with each of the current supervisors and have a good relationship with each of them.

Name: Cliff Edson

Age: 55

Occupation: Calaveras County small business owner/restaurateur

Place of residence: San Andreas

Place of birth and place where grew up: Lodi. I grew up on the Klamath River and graduated from high school in Newark, Calif.

Prior public offices held: San Andreas Recreation & Parks District, Calaveras County Parks and Recreation Commission

Any relevant biographical history: I was born in Lodi, Calif. We moved to the Klamath River and I was setting chokers, and lubing logging trucks before I was 13. Moved to Newark, Calif., and attended high school. Participated in band, football, and wrestling. After school, I had to find work. Worked for Safeway Non-Foods for 11 years and was a fact finder for Teamsters Local 853. Left Safeway in 1987 and was contracted as a manager to Pacific Bell Fleet Operations until they hired me as a manager in 1996. Left in 2006 and opened Country Cliff’s Diner in 2005.

 1. The county is very close to running out of money. The general fund is one    tenth of what it should be.  We have to make Calaveras County attractive to some selected light manufacturing and some retail businesses in order to increase our tax base. I would work hard with the other board members and the general public to come up with a plan to bring in jobs and put people to work.  This is what will fund our Police and fire protection and social services, repair our roads, and help our county to preserve its natural resources and beauty.

2. Yes, in District 1 the supervisor position is a full-time job. The salary and benefits are appropriate if the supervisor is doing the job they are expected to do.

3. The grand jury is correct on their findings. I have stood before the board and pointed out the very same issues when it has happened. I feel that the election process will take care of this issue.

4. If an employee has followed the county process that exists and no action has been taken, then the next step would be to file a complaint with the grand jury. If the employee is represented, they should file a complaint with their union.

5. I would like to help develop processes to make it easier and faster for the people to do their business with the county. This would include making sure the county supervisors follow that process by letting the departments do their jobs. Time and money is important to the citizens of Calaveras County and they need to feel like they are getting the best bang for their buck.

6. Yes, supervisors could stop wasteful spending. I’ll give you one example out of many examples. In this budget crisis, the county supervisors voted to change the locks at the government center. The cost of replacing the entry locks for the county buildings from keys to electronic cards was one hundred and seventy thousand dollars.

7. The top three needs are safety, getting our water rights protected and infrastructure in place, and finding ways to bring jobs here to get people to work.

8. First of all, the county needs to become business friendly. I feel a commission can be formed to take on some of those issues. I also feel that the Chamber of Commerce will play a big role. The commission could take a look at our county regulations and fee’s to see if we can make it more attractive for businesses to want to come here. The county also needs to develop a good relationship with all special districts including sewer and water. Putting people to work and securing taxes from successful businesses will give us a stable economy.

9. If an ordinance becomes the law, it should be enforced!

10. I admire all of the county supervisors because they are sitting in a very tough position and dealing with many controversial issues from every side. I can say that every one of the supervisors will say something that I admire and like “when” they are speaking from the heart, and in the best interest of “all” of the citizens of Calaveras County.

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