Michael David Thein’s defense attorney bought him about three more weeks of freedom by requesting a sentencing hearing be continued.

Thein, 25, who lives outside San Andreas, was arrested June 15 on suspicion of being in possession of a stolen motorcycle and displaying an altered license plate to avoid detection.

After being booked, Thein posted bail. After a court proceeding in early July, he was booked again on $50,000 bail, and he again posted a bond.

Deputy District Attorney Seth Matthews said Thein had taken a plea deal in late August in which he pleaded no contest to receiving a motor vehicle knowing it had been stolen in exchange for the dismissal of burglary, battery and other charges. On Monday, Thein appeared for a sentencing hearing. As part of the deal, he agreed to seven months in county jail, however the judge will make the final decision on how much time Thein serves. Matthews said the judge generally goes along with the terms agreed upon between the District Attorney’s Office and the defendant.

Sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 9 in Department 1 of the Calaveras County Superior Court.