Mills recall

An effort to recall District 4 Supervisor Dennis Mills has failed as of noon yesterday. The decision came nine days before the elections office was required to verify the signatures on July 19.

The proponents were required to submit 1,555 valid signatures, and out of the 2,125 signatures submitted, only 1,462 signatures were verified as having met elections code requirements for recall petitions, according to Robin Glanville, assistant county clerk-recorder.

Glanville reported that the most common reasons signatures were considered invalid in the Mills recall petition were voters not being registered in the district or county of the officer sought to be recalled, inconsistency between residence addresses in the voter file and those printed on the petition, and duplicate signatures.

When asked to respond to the failed recall effort, Mills told the Enterprise, “During the time the recall was going on, I wasn’t worried. There’s a lot to be done in Calaveras County, and I’m glad the recall effort is over. I’d like to thank those who supported us through it, and I will continue to do the job that my constituents voted me into office to do.”

Organizers of the petition have not commented on the failed recall at this time.