High school students have a lot to worry about these days. And they have a lot of dreams too.

Five student groups from Calaveras High School approached the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors during its meeting Tuesday night, and they shared some of their dreams as well as the concerns they have for the community.

The topics the students presented ranged from environmental protection and fire safety to economic development and teen resources. The final group simply wanted a safe place for kids to ride their skateboards.

The board was informed a group of children often get in trouble for skating around the Mar-Val Parking lot. The Skate Club asked the board to pursue the possibility of a skate park in the Valley Springs area.

“In order for us to even get to a skate park, we have to first find a ride,” said another member of the club. “And the ride is usually an hour commute or more. So transportation is always an issue.”

Other student groups also appealed to the board for additional services in the county.

“We started up a group for fire safety because of the need to create regulations because there’s a lot of burning near schools,” said Ashley Van Kirk.

“We would like to get a crisis center or a crisis hotline, mainly focused on teens going through things like bullying or things at home and need someone to talk to,” said Rachel Barry. Her group wanted to serve in tandem with the Resource Connection and the police.

The Economic Development Group simply wanted more job creation within the county.

“In our future lives, we will need improvement in this county,” one student said. “We need job opportunities. An example of this is a box store.”

One student club, however, was more interested in preserving county resources already in place, starting with the Mokelumne River.

“I hope there will still be a future river to share with my kids,” Samantha Wise told the board.

“Even if I don’t live here for the rest of my life, I still want the memories to be something I share with my children,” added sophomore Olivia Borchin.

The audience and the board gave enthusiastic support to the students who presented to the supervisors, with resounding applause after each presentation.

“It’s nice to have dreams and visions,” concluded District 3 Supervisor Merita Callaway.

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