A plea offer was accepted by Shaylee Scott, 25, of Wilseyville.

In court on May 20, Scott accepted a plea deal that required her to plead to all three charges on her new case, including two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon and one count of unlawful possession of ammunition by a felon. She pleaded no contest to all three.

Scott entered the courtroom in neon green prison clothing. Leigh Fleming represented her as her public defender, and Brad Jones was the prosecutor. Fleming said that she and Jones have been “back and forth” about the deal.

Fleming spoke to Scott for a moment with Scott visibly beginning to cry. Jones and Fleming approached Judge Timothy Healy at bench and spoke for about 10 minutes off the record.

Scott continued to cry as she took a pen from Fleming to sign a document. Flemming confirmed that Scott would accept the plea offer provided by Jones.

“I don't know what this [expletive] county wants from me. I’m done,” Scott said, as Fleming spoke in a hushed voice and went over the terms and conditions of the plea offer with her.

Scott inaudibly spoke to Fleming, through the world “father” could be heard.

Scott’s father, Shannon Scott, whom she lived with, was reported missing on Aug. 31 after driving to Sacramento for a medical appointment. The elder Scott’s vehicle was recently discovered with as-of-yet unidentified human remains inside.

The plea offer includes 120 days of jail time for violation of probation and 180 days in jail on the new case, a guilty plea to all three counts, with 169 days credit for time served. Scott will also be on felony probation for five years, along with other required terms and conditions of the plea deal. Scott is also required to waive an appeal of her case. Scott pleaded no contest to the charges.

Among the firearms found in the residence was a .22-caliber long rifle, two black powder pistols and a double barrel pistol. Two of the weapons that were found in her father’s residence, where she was staying at the time of her arrest, were black powder pistols. Since Scott will be on probation for five years and has a previous felony conviction, she is required to surrender all firearms. She requested to keep the two black powder pistols, as they were used for reenactments with her father. Jones agreed to the terms, but when it was time for Healy to make a ruling, he required the rightful heir to the weapons to present proof to claim ownership. Scott will not be eligible to receive the weapons since she is on probation.

When Healy was presented with the signed plea offer, he asked questions of Scott and she answered “Yes, sir” to each.

“This is a very unusual case – the father was missing at the time, then he was found – I’m very sorry for your loss,” Healy said to Scott as he read the terms and conditions of the plea deal.

Scott’s next court date will be for a firearm review hearing at 8:30 a.m. on June 3.

This article has been updated to include a correction to credit for time served.


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