During a celebration of life for Alex and Macaila Marshall Saturday, Erika Rasmussen and Wyatt Hockett read memories written down by various students at Bret Harte High School.

• “I don’t think any of us will ever truly say goodbye. God really took his time on creating you two. It’s weird to think that you guys aren’t even here and you’re still bringing us all together. One thing is for sure, we will forever miss you and never forget all the precious moments. We love you.”

• “I miss your beautiful smile. I know you’re shooting webs up there, Spiderman. I wish we could have made more memories, but I cherish the ones we have.”

• “You’re always reminding us to live life to the fullest, stay optimistic and don’t be afraid of anything. You’ve made me realize that when I die, I want to be able to look back and be glad that I spent my days with happiness and confidence with the ones I love just like you all did.”

• “Earth has lost two great, happy, beautiful and amazing souls, but heaven has gained two loving angels.”

• “The past couple of days have been some of the hardest during our time at Bret Harte. Through these tough times, it is amazing the sense of community and family that you feel and see everywhere. It makes me proud to see everyone coming together, and I know that our two new angels are up in heaven and would be proud, too.”

• “I wish I could make people feel special the way Alex and Macaila did.”

• “Alex always had advice, wise beyond his years and my life would be so much different if he had not entered it. Alex taught me to use my voice even when I stood alone.”

• “The impact you had on the campus is amazing. You are not here, yet you still managed to bring everyone together with Spidermans and cats everywhere.”

• “You two were such great people, the saddest thing of all is we never got to say goodbye. I’m going to miss having our talks after school and Macaila’s random messages on Facebook saying I’m a cool cat. Most of all I’m going to miss the, ‘You’re gonna have a bad time jokes.’”

• “We will miss your smiles, laughs, videos raps and much more. I know you’re in a better place with no pain and finally achieved what we all want, that pure form of happiness.”

• Macaila, your relationship with your brother was so special and it relieves me that you are with him. I watch our old videos and cry but I’m doing my best to remember the good times.”

• “Alex, I really love that you have a secret board on Pinterest dedicated to Spiderman. That is extremely precious.”

• “Macaila, I cannot stop telling everyone about our adventure to PetSmart to get our beta fish that you never fed, so it didn’t last long. I love you and can’t wait to see what heaven has in store for you. Save me a spot.”

• “I’m going to miss all your loving cat stories you would tell me every day with a big smile on your face. Even though I wasn’t a big cat fan, you made me one. I miss your laugh. I miss your big smile. I miss you my girl.”

• “I remember during Powder Puff football when Alex was one of the coaches. Every time one of us caught the ball, he referenced to himself saying, ‘Like God,’ bragging about his coaching abilities.”

• “I never saw him without his ear-to-ear grin that could melt anyone’s heart. Each conversation we had, he paid the utmost attention and found humor in just about everything. Alex, I’m lucky to have known you.”

• “Alex, I remember back in the day when we were very young at Avery Middle School. You wanted to look extra-stylish at the winter formal, so you spray painted your shoes gold and everyone loved how you rocked them. Your smile and your gold shoes shine forever. P.S. Sean, your son and daughter are amazing people, they will always be remembered and they loved you dearly.”

Rasmussen and Hockett ended by sharing their own message to their friends Alex and Macaila.

“Macaila, we will forever miss those everlasting hugs and unconditional love you had for all of us,” Rasmussen said. “And to Alex, I was all “alalala, and alalala. And for all of you who don’t quite understand that, all of his stories were alalala, he couldn’t get through them. You know every lalala, you and only you Spiderman. I love you forever and always.”

“Macaila, you were my little sister,” Hockett said. “I will never forget the time you woke me up at 11:30 to drive you to the gas station to get you some ice cream. You told me I was like your brother. I love you little sister. And Alex, we had so many memories. We were best friends. But I will never forget the last words you said to me, ‘Stay cute, I love you bro.” I love you too. I know you’re both looking down on us and smiling. We love you and miss you. Gone, but never forgotten.”

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