Ed Langan announced Friday he plans on running for the District 3 seat on the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors next year. 

Ed Langan announced his intentions to run for the District 3 seat on the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Friday.

Langan, a 16-year Calaveras resident, decided to announce his candidacy because the current group of supervisors are “failing (constituents) in their duties and responsibilities,” according to a news release submitted by Langan.

“We elect individual to govern, make tough decisions, demonstrate leadership, set goals and create policy that moves our county in a positive and prosperous fashion,” said Langan in the release. “Today, our supervisors have relinquished much of their authority to county staff and with this laissez-faire attitude they are acting more like ambassadors than legislators and this needs to stop.”

Langan declined to comment Friday when contacted with questions about his announcement.

On March 20, Supervisor Micheal Oliveira filed election papers stating he intended to return to the seat that expires at the end of 2018, said Calaveras County Clerk Recorder Rebecca Turner.

Oliveira said via phone message he has been in contact with Langan and wished him luck. Campaigning efforts for the current supervisor will amp up at the start of the new year.

“I plan to run a vigorous and engaging campaign,” Oliveira said.

 An election for the seat is scheduled for June 5, 2018.

Langan, who has 40 years of experience working in independent marketing and business solutions, said his professional background consists of building businesses, assisting startups and accomplishing “robust turn-arounds.”

“I have also acquired a strong leadership background and most importantly the ability to listen, understand and broker working solutions,” Langan said.

Langan was a member of the Calaveras County Republican Party in 2015 when he submitted a letter to the editor of The Enterprise that said the group supported the Hogan Rock Quarry in Valley Springs as the location for a portable asphalt plant.

“The location has been a permitted working rock quarry for the past 25 years, zoned M-2 Industrial. M2 is Calaveras’ most heavy industrial zone designated,” Langan said in 2015. “If you live anywhere near a rock quarry, you expect to hear occasional detonations, rock crushing and, of-course, there will be hauling out of the product to the market.”

“This existing use and zoning makes the asphalt plant a perfect fit, and according to the EPA and all our research, a non-hazardous, environmentally friendly operation.”

Included in the announcement was a list of five “compelling goals” to target as supervisor:

1.Standing with Law Enforcement and for Public Health & Safety

“The foundation of a prosperous county is public health and safety, nothing great can happen here without first becoming a model law & order community. Therefore, I am committed to supporting our sheriff and pledge my support for our sheriff’s financial needs regarding the budgetary items necessary to establish a first-class, elite law enforcement team in Calaveras County — The residents deserve this and it’s a responsibility of the board to make this happen. My only demand in return is that the sheriff produces and runs a highly-efficient and responsible program.”

2. Creating a more efficient County Government

“I am enthusiastic about cultivating a high level of efficiency in our county government’s operational activities. The 21st century is going to be a huge challenge for all states, counties and municipalities, therefore we must set the bar higher. I will insist on greater efficiencies in monitoring our many complicated revenue streams to assure we are not penalized with the loss of expected revenue, as well as monitor the activities of providing the services of government. We have great people in our government center both elected and appointed and I pledge to provide the leadership that will bring all involved together working in concert for the good of the county. Creating a model 21st century county government in Calaveras benefits everyone.”

3. Creating a more productive Board of Supervisors

“Creating a more productive board of supervisors is critical; this requires leadership, experience and focus. I will systemically encourage our board to generate more in-depth discussions on issues before the board. Challenging members to partake in more open dialogue, creating more constructive exchanges during meetings. Brainstorming or debate increases the level of understanding, culminating in better decision making -- better serving all involved. Residents need to understand their supervisors’ positions, hear their arguments, thoughts, therefore better understand their votes. I am also very aware that becoming a supervisor is not a part-time job, it requires intense research and study. Board meetings are not the only place a good supervisor receives input — circulating in the district and throughout the county offers far more compelling views and understanding of the individual communities and their people!”

4. Creating Prosperity & Wealth in our rural County

“Harvesting prosperity and wealth in our beautiful rural county is key to our future. I want to see the individual communities of Calaveras prosper in a fashion they see fit for themselves. Calaveras is a county made up of many individual and unique communities; all board decisions must consider the independence of these communities. Prosperity will come when all our communities are thriving with small businesses that service the residents as well as our great tourism industry. Tourism is one of our potential growth industries and supports our lifestyle very well. Calaveras has an abundance of natural resources, open space, a rich history and beautiful scenic vistas, trading any of our beauty for growth would be unforgivable. What we have, what we share with the many travelers is precious and cannot be re-created, so our growth must parallel our natural resources and beauty. That’s our draw, that’s our edge, and that creates a destination.”

5. Calaveras First

“I pledge that decisions and policy from District 3 will always be based on a Calaveras First proposition, we are all in this together, looking for the best life can offer. Protecting our lifestyle, investing in our future and living our dream will be a conscious part of my decision making process. The headwinds are strong — the time to pivot is now, the current and previous boards have failed to set the necessary tone, culture and productivity necessary to prosper — we need to disrupt ourselves to be relevant on all levels of county government. I’m here to let you know county government’s partnership with residents is alive and will flourish with my election.”


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