The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) is reaching out to local residents and businesses for a security camera registration program.

“When crimes occur, the solvability factor greatly increases if surveillance footage captures anything useful to further the investigation,” a CCSO press release reads. “From a missing child to burglary suspects, security footage is a primary item of evidence sought out by deputies and investigators. In some circumstances, the need for rapid collection is paramount.”

The CCSO would like to add to its existing database of local security cameras and vantage points.

“As crimes occur, deputies can reach out to residents and/or businesses in the area where that crime occurred to determine if their security system captured any information that may help solve the crime,” the release reads. “If so, the deputies will make arrangements to record or capture the images. Deputies will not have remote access to the cameras. It simply lets the Sheriff’s Office know you have surveillance cameras.”

When investigating a crime, the Sheriff’s Office can query its database to determine if security footage may have captured useful information.

“If so, the deputy will contact the owners of the cameras to make arrangements to view the footage. Thus, reducing the investigation time,” the release reads.

Participation in the program is voluntary, and no fees are involved.

“By working smarter we can reduce the amount of time searching for evidence and increase the time looking for those responsible,” the release reads.

To register security cameras with the Sheriff’s Office, visit

For more information, contact Sgt. Greg Stark at (209) 754-6500.



Noah Berner has lived in Calaveras County most of his life, and graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in history.

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