As Easter Sunday approaches, we are reminded that this wonderful time of warmth, growth and rebirth can be especially therapeutic and inspiring to us individually. Spring makes us appreciate the outdoors and notice our surroundings, inside and out. Let’s talk about some easy ways we can bring some of the season’s color, hope and comfort to our homes.

Bring home a potted lily, scatter a bag of seeds or embrace the color pink for a few weeks, and you know that spring has officially sprung. Your traditional Easter decorations automatically add spring colors and elements to home décor. Pull out the ornamental eggs, decorative grass, baby animal figurines, egg cups and baskets, and they will bring light and freshness to your living spaces. Fill a large glass bowl or apothecary jar with an assortment of colorful eggs; use an Easter basket and tuck a few small pots of flowering plants inside; add a bird’s nest with speckled eggs to your shelves or tabletops. Green grasses, blooming branches and real or silk bouquets can be introduced in areas of your home to bring the beauty of the outdoors in.

Lighter colors should also be introduced in items like pillows, ceramic ware, candles and towels. This is the perfect opportunity to replace deep red, green or brown items with clean white or any of your favorite pastel shades. Lighter weight fabrics should also be introduced all around the home: in bedding, rugs and window coverings, for instance.

Textures should change now, too. Remove items made of chenille, wool or velvet, for example, and replace them with lighter fabrics like cotton, linen and silk. Other materials appropriate for warmer months include straw, sisal, clear glass and sheer or open-weave fabrics.

Gather patio chairs, umbrellas, folding chairs or picnic tables and transform your backyard into a comfortable space to sit. If you are entertaining, first determine there is adequate seating. Clean up the outdoor furniture and consider serving brunch or dinner al fresco. Pull out or set up the trampoline, croquet set or pingpong table.

This is the time to refresh your outdoor pots with annual or perennial flowers, plant your garden, mow and seed the lawn, and introduce seasonal yard accents like wheelbarrows, statues, birdbaths, birdfeeders or hammocks.

Speaking of the outdoors, how is your home’s curb appeal? Stand at the front of your yard and look at your home: Is there room for improvement? Consider sprucing up the mailbox, the walkway, the flowerbeds or the porch. Look at the exterior walls of your house. Are there large blank spaces on the façade of your home that could be filled with color or texture? Suggestions include adding a trellis with a climbing vine, a window box with flowers, a seasonal flag, a wreath or an interesting piece of metalwork, such as an old gate.