West Point student gets to be principal for a day

Brendon Parrish, Principal for a day, poses for the camera with his clipboard.

West Point Elementary recently replaced their school principal with a third grader.

After winning a contest by having perfect attendance, Brendon Parrish is the first student to be given the opportunity to be Principal for a Day at the school.  

This was the first competition of its kind. Parrish was entered into the drawing to hold the honor of ruling the school by receiving perfect attendance.

He accepted the honor without trepidation, until he realized the importance of the appointment.

“I heard my name and thought I could totally do this,” Parrish said. “But when I heard that my boss would be coming (Mark Campbell), I got nervous.”  

Parrish was welcomed into his new position with hot cocoa, a clipboard, snacks and a whistle.

Other students were impressed with his aptitude and fairness.

“Brenden is probably the nicest principal ever. He gave us free choice and extra recess,” said fourth grader, Kameryn Link.

Parrish got an introduction into the daily responsibilities of a school principal. He spent the day problem solving, signing paperwork, in meetings and visiting classrooms. He even supervised the monthly fire drill.

“The hardest part was all the paperwork.” Parrish said.

Current Principal Katie Hood said she understood all too well.

Parrish’s teacher Sarah Swift was impressed with his natural ability to motivate, lead and inspire the other students.

“Watching Brendon work with other students was incredible. He has a presence about him and is the kindest kid, and when dressed up in a suit, other kids took notice,” Swift said.

Other students were impressed with his appointment, and several have asked teachers at the school how they can participate in the program.

Any student with perfect attendance can have the opportunity to participate in the “Principal for a Day” program.


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