Calaveras High School students compete in regional Science Bowl

Cinahi Muro, back left, Michelle Millar, Michael Rourke, Bennie Hesser, team captain Samantha Leach, Sophia Schlenz, science teacher Anita Godman, Captain Emily Piper, front left, and Mateo Alliende have fun at the Sacramento Regional High School Science Bowl.

The Sacramento Regional High School Science Bowl, hosted by Western Area Power Administration, took place on Feb. 23 at Cordova High School in Rancho Cordova.

There were 24 teams competing, with two from Calaveras High School.

The local students took 15th and 16th place, out of a total of 24 teams.

“It’s fun every year. It’s a little bit of a challenge to get kids involved because it’s a small school,” said Anita Godman, Calaveras High School teacher, the science chair and Science Bowl co-coach.

Godman said the schools the Calaveras students are competing against do so at a higher level, many times beginning in middle school.

“So the kids already know what it’s about. They’ve been ingrained in it … and actually have science bowl classes, which prepare them for it,” Godman went on to say.

The students at Calaveras were a formidable challenge, she said, competing into the afternoon rounds and making it until after lunch.

The subjects included biology, chemistry, Earth and space science, energy, math and physics. The questions were multiple choice and teams had to buzz in to answer questions. If they received a point for a correct answer, they would then receive a toss-up question. Students would have the chance to answer a bonus question.

“Anything and everything under the sun and beyond,” said junior Bennie Hesser. His involvement in the competition inspired him to change the direction of his future career aspirations. “It definitely inspired me to pursue something in science, and the competition inspired me to explore science even more.”

“It brings together students from schools all around, and it’s really great to see everybody coming together for one passion for science and building teams,” said team captain Samantha Leach.

“It’s super eye opening, looking at some teams and how they work together and things that they do – and seeing how we’re doing – we all work together, we meet new people, and it’s really great,” student Cinahi Muro said.

“It builds your pride and humbles you at the same time when you see the other teams,” Leach said.

During the lunch break, career tables were brought in, allowing students to explore future career ideas. The FBI and other organizations were there to garner interest from the contestants.

Muro said she was especially inspired by the main presenter, who spoke about electric vehicles and how his goal is to have only electric cars in the world. The speaker told the competitors they will be the next generation of leaders who will be creating jobs that don’t currently exist, invent sustainable products and other things that will help the future of the world.


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