As a parent of Calaveras Unified students, I don’t want to see a repeat of what happened last year. I don’t want to see teacher’s on strike. I don’t want my students to have that kind of disruption to their education; however, that’s what I see for next year if we don’t stop now and come together.

With the news release that 11 teachers will be laid off next year, a Facebook post about class sizes up to 40 at Calaveras High School, and the frustrated comments I’ve read from parents and teachers – I worry that there will be a standoff between teachers and administrators – the people that can make a difference and save Calaveras Unified.

I think the focus should be on children’s needs and making sure they’re met. I believe that anyone who works in a school district has that mentally. I think parents, teachers and administrators can all agree that we’re all here for the kids. I know that’s why I’m throwing my two cents in, hoping I can make a difference.

Some obstacles are harder than others. Not enough Chrome Books in class – there’s an easy solution for that. Fundraiser! Stopping teacher layoffs – harder to find a solution, but not impossible.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m hoping that Calaveras County residents with more experience than I can find a way to help. I know that focusing on the things we have in common, can bring us together.

I have never heard a Calaveras Unified School District board member or administrator say “Let them eat cake.”

And we won’t succeed if we continue to shout “Off with their heads!”


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