Once, at a group dinner, one diner complimented a husband on how nice his wife was. A voice from down-table jokingly asked how the husband had wound up with such a catch. “Oh, you know, good girls always go for the bad boys,” the husband replied.

Does this attitude explain Donald Trump’s continued support from a large group of Americans, many of them female?

It’s nice to make eye contact with a stranger and start the day with a shared smile. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often between male and females who do not know each other for very good reasons. An example: My sister-in-law smiled at a male shopper in an El Paso grocery outlet. For him, this was an invitation, and, with romance in the air, he began to stalk her. The embarrassing finale was him, as she was backing out of her parking spot, jumping onto her hood and refusing to get off until she took him home with her. Such a scenario is as terrifying as it is stupid, yet women risk such encounters on a daily basis. All women. Daily.

At least Trump was not deliberate and two-faced like the old school politicos. Instead, he brought his ugly baggage with him and was arrogant enough to think that he could simply throw large sums of money at lawyers who would defer or delay his day of judgement indefinitely. Not content to play behind the scenes like Kennedy and Clinton and, likely, most other presidents—all men as I don’t need to remind you—Trump wore both his heart and his lechery on his sleeve.

Issues with women have been at the heart of Trump’s most salacious scandals, but his disdain for them is not in the rearview mirror as some conservatives want us to believe. Look at how he handled, or didn’t handle, two female fatalities. Heather Heyer was run down by a Trump supporting motorist during the Charlottesville rally. Trump called his neo-Nazi followers “very fine people” and ignored the Heyer tragedy. Fast forward to an October 2021 rally where he proposes canonizing Ashli Babbitt as a martyr to his cause, the insurrectionist killed by capitol police while she attacked our seat of government, screaming for the hanging of Trump’s own vice-president.

Trump didn’t invent the eyes-down syndrome, of course; but as a world leader he did nothing if not normalize the abuse of women. One rape and almost two dozen molestation charges mixed in with weekly revelations about his misogynistic crimes proves Trump obviously enjoys being heralded as the “bad boy” of politics. That status only works, though, if one has an abundance of voters, and his party is bleeding supporters. As poster boy for a party obsessed with rich, old, white men deciding every aspect of their female constituent’s reproductive rights, it has to be humiliating to have to back a fool whose only real issue with the Women Issue is how much money he has to pay for NDAs to keep his mistresses and one-night-stands quiet. One check was for a night with a porn star while his current wife was giving birth to their son.

Trump still believes he is beyond the law’s reach. And why not? He has yet to pay for his lifetime of indiscretions. What does that say about his die-hard supporters who applaud each and every Trump gaffe? His base might as well order their own “I don’t really care” jackets made famous by Trump’s soon ex-wife Melania Trump.

Think for a moment about the kind of message this sends to our younger citizens. In a room already full of bullying, social media and sexual intrigue lumbers an elephant with a fake tan whose sole message is that if you are rich enough, you are above the law. Young males, already awash in hormones and contradictions, are quick learners when someone of power tells them it is okay to be aggressive with girls. Young females, already feeling like they are surrounded by predators (because they are) shrink deeper into their protective shells. And, like the old Buffalo Springfield song “For What It’s Worth” says, “There’s battlelines being drawn.”

To finish the vignette above, though, do you want to know what the self-confessed “bad boy” was doing during dinner? We were at a crab feed fundraiser, and he was pushing large handfuls of crab into a plastic bag between his feet, loudly boasting that he was having crab omelets the next day. Such self-servingness is replete in the MAGA, A world. Yeah, “Make America Great Again, Again” is the cute, nonsensical slogan for Trump’s purported 2024 campaign. So, yeah, Trump is still going strong. And, yeah, the fundraiser did run out of crab thanks to such greedy bad boy behavior.

Jerry Tuck is a retired San Andreas resident and an indie author. Contact him olwhofan@aol.com or at his website, tucknrole.com


Dakota graduated from Bret Harte in 2013 and went to Davidson College, NC where she earned a bachelor's degree in Arab studies. After spending time studying in the Middle East and Europe, she is happy to be home, writing about the community she loves.

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