This is dedicated to the doctors, nurses and staff at Mark Twain Hospital in San Andreas.

I laid in a bed in ICU, COVID-19-ravaged and double pneumonia. I could hear voices outside the room. What I heard I will never forget.

I heard my mom say to daddy, “Our girl is in trouble.”

Daddy said, “She’s got this, she will be OK.”

I didn’t think so. I thought I was done. There were IV bags everywhere. An IV in each hand, blood draws. They didn’t want to put a tube down my throat but gave me warm forced oxygen. They kept turning me to help my lungs get rid of the pneumonia. Steroids, antibiotics, plasma and so many other drugs. As the days went on and the fog started to lift, I realized it hadn’t been weeks but only days I had been there.

My caregivers talked to me about my kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. That always makes me mile. They kept me engaged in living.

My angels at Mark Twain Hospital gave me back my life. They are tired. They are dedicated, and care so very much. In our Calaveras County we have the cream of the crop, the best of the best looking out for us. Thank you for my life. (I’m a) survivor because of you.

Janice Acocks,

Valley Springs


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