Marc Lutz, the Enterprise editor, writes that people are critical of the “one-sided” opinion page.

When it comes to Donald Trump there’s a reason for that: people have difficulty finding good things to say about him.

I’ve expressed many times my compassion for the man. He suffers greatly because of the criticism he hears about what he says and does. The criticism is justified, but I’m sorry it causes him so much pain. He brings it on himself.

I’m also sympathetic to the dilemma that republicans face in this election. They know that he’s unworthy of their vote, but they’re republicans and feel like they have to vote for him because he’s at the top of their ticket. I have a solution: don’t vote for him.

Don’t vote for Biden because you’re a republican and don’t vote for Trump because you’re a decent human being; you know the difference between good and bad and right and wrong, and you want to do what’s right. The right thing for you to do is to just not vote for either candidate.

I hope that if the democrats ever put an unworthy candidate at the top of their ticket, I’ll have the courage to do what I’m suggesting to you. You don’t have to lower yourself to his level. You have a choice. We all have a choice. You don’t need to tell your republican friends what you’ve done. If they ask, be honest. Although they might not say so publicly, I bet they’ll appreciate you for your integrity. Maybe they’ll even admit that they feel the same way and wish they’d done the same as you.

Marc has invited you to submit letters and opinion pieces. Take him up on that offer. I consider it part of my civic responsibility to speak truth to power and hopefully stem the decline of America. You should do the same. Find something you like about what Donald Trump says or does, write it up, and send it in. Consider it your civic responsibility. We all have our parts to play in this democracy.

Jim Pesout,

Mokelumne Hill


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