As a non-essential worker, I am cognizant about the items I post during this pandemic. Gone is the focus on decorating, shopping and accessories. I do, however, want to continue to emphasize the benefit of creating comfort and beauty in your place of residence.

Most of us have always lived with less than we deserve and are not used to appreciating the simple pleasures in our daily lives. Some of us are learning this the hard way, as we are now more limited in our choices, while staying closer to home. And now we see things aren’t always calm on the home front.

We used to say we were waiting to make changes, like, “When I’m not working so much”; “When I have some free time”; “When the kids are older”; “When we retire”; “When I feel stronger.”

Now is an opportunity for change. We have the gift of time.

For example, isn’t it just as easy to nod “hello” when someone catches your eye as it is to look away? Isn’t it just as easy to hold the door open for someone else, as well as yourself? Isn’t it just as easy to say, “Thank you” now, instead of later? Or to gently touch your family members as you pass them?

In the same vein, isn’t it just as easy to enjoy the beautiful view while you’re in (weekend) traffic? To enjoy wearing comfortable clothes every day; to notice what’s currently in bloom; or to consistently kiss your spouse “good morning?”

The same is true in your living environment: Small things can add nurturing, joy and comfort to you and your family. For example, consider whether it’s just as easy to:

Use cloth napkins at dinner.

Light candles in the evening.

Use the good china.

Play quiet background music.

Gather clippings from the yard.

Hang a wreath on the door.

Use the fluffiest towels.

Cook enough to share the leftovers.

Eat and drink only what you love.

Use the good silver.

Pick things up as you go.

Enjoy clean, soft sheets.

Spend time outside daily.

Drink from stemmed glasses.

Dim the lights.

Hang your stuff in the closet.

Sweep the walkway.

Share great photos with others.

Designate one private, personal space for yourself.

Open the windows whenever possible.

Corral paperwork in trays or baskets.

Add pillows to the bed.

Arrange your closet according to color.

Spray on some cologne.

Look at the stars.

Keep the linens organized.

Remove everything dusty, dead or dated.

Take a bath with aromatic bubbles.

Put photos in the album.

Eat dinner on the patio.

Decorate with seasonal touches.

It mustn’t be costly or time consuming to take care of yourself and your home. Now is the perfect time to make the most of the treasures you already have and surround yourself with things that make your heart sing.

It’s just as easy, after all.

Linda Lawrence is the owner of HouseCalls for Redesign. Contact her at


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