Things are getting more serious. All the local hospitals have COVID-19 patients. All the clinics and ERs are seeing more and more.

Everyone needs to do their part to slow the spread of this unpredictable disease. I saw people at the market not wearing masks yesterday. They should be banned from being in public indoor spaces without a mask!

Here are the things you can do starting today:

1. Wear a mask whenever you are in public or with strangers. The virus spreads by aerosol droplets so cloth masks will work just fine to catch the aerosolized infectious particles. The virus does not respect political parties. We are all susceptible, and we are in this mess together. Masks protect the wearer and the people around you. They work. There should be fines for people who don’t wear them in public. It is like we are all Black Bart robbing the Wells Fargo wagon on Funk Hill and trying to escape without getting the virus. Sure, no one likes to wear a mask, but they work and are simple.

2. Consider getting the vaccine if you are over 40. We don’t have complete data but those over 40 or with comorbid conditions such as obesity, diabetes, immune suppression or hypertension are most at risk to end up on a ventilator. You don’t want to end up on a ventilator as the mortality is very high.

3. Use common sense. Avoid crowds and strangers. The sooner we all defeat this virus the sooner we can get back to the life we once had of concerts, eating in restaurants, and being together. We did it for the Spanish flu back in 1918-19 and we can do it again. Angels Camp even had a mask ordinance and so should our county now.

Please do your part.

Rodger Orman, MD,



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