Listen up, my liberal friends! Hatred is blinding. Do not let your hatred for Donald Trump blind you to what is happening to this country. Discard your emotions and engage your logic.

Since day one, the president has been under attack by all who oppose him. He has been the brunt of crude jokes, he has been attacked by the liberals, he has been falsely impeached. Despite this, he managed to get this economy cranked up, reduced unemployment to record lows, created jobs, reduced the poverty rate among minorities – all before COVID, and even after COVID, the economy is improving. He had hospitals built in record time. He put a travel ban on China early on. He had medical supplies manufactured with quick distribution. Yet the liberals blame him for COVID, saying he never did enough.

The motto of the liberal press is “Anything to take down Trump.” The press has failed to report that Obama, Biden, FBI agents and others have stooped so low in adopting their “end-justifies-the-means” philosophy as to engage in criminal activity by covering up the fact that the Steele Dossier was manufactured by the FBI with the assistance of a former Russian operative at the instigation of Hillary Clinton. Comey and Biden have lied about knowing that there was no basis for pursuing the Russia investigation and ultimate impeachment. They spied on him while he was campaigning and after he took office. The liberal press has failed to cover Hunter Biden’s receipt of many millions from Russian and Chinese oligarchs, including members of the PRC’s communist party. Biden has blatantly lied about it by denying that it ever happened.

Due to the press’s ridiculous antipathy, communism disguised as socialism is on track to take over via the Democratic party who are engaging in the old communist playbook.

The playbook includes: 1. taking over the press; 2. accusing your opposition of acts that you are guilty of and lie, lie, lie; 3. support civil unrest, looting, arson, murder and create fear; 4. clamp down on your civil rights under the pretense of protecting you in a crisis; 5. make you believe that you are all victims of an unfair system requiring governmental assistance because you are too stupid to manage your own lives. All of these are occurring right now.

The liberals have taken over most of the press which is biased in the liberals’ favor. Biden has become beholden to the Russians, Chinese, Ukrainians. Riots by Antifa groups continue. Law and order are the pillar stones of an ordered and civilized society. Without it, in the extreme, we become savages.

The liberals are using their “science” and your fear of COVID to keep shutting down parts of the country. The liberals want you to believe that you are all victims of an unfair system, and that you are all too ignorant to take care of yourselves. They are suppressing opinions that are not conforming to their views. They are trying to indoctrinate our children into believing that we are a racist, predatory country. Do we really want the government to teach selectively? I thought that went out with Lenin and Stalin.

Joe Biden is shaving cognitive issues. He will be controlled by the liberals and radical left. You know who these people are: Sanders, AOC, Harris.

This country was founded as a democratic republic with our constitution as our guideline, and checks and balances in play to prevent the system from falling prey to oppressive government such as communism. The founding fathers wanted to preserve as many liberties as possible for the citizens of this great country with little government interference. The liberals want to gain total control over the Supreme Court by packing the court, controlling congress and have a president in place. This means a one-party system with no checks and balances. Guess what; this could become a benevolent dictatorship, but more likely will lead to a communist society with the mega rich dictating how the rest of us live. Do we really want that to happen?

Revolutions can be obvious, sudden and violent. Or they can occur slowly over time. We are experiencing the latter. It is an invisible gradual coup. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

The U.S.A. is a great nation. The founders of this country gave us a wonderful constitution guaranteeing many freedoms. However, freedom comes at a cost. They are now being eroded and we must fight as our forefathers did, to keep those rights by denying the liberal press their power over us and digging for the truth. Our founding fathers were brave, innovative, outspoken, brilliant fighters and nation-builders. They left us a great legacy. Let’s not lose it. Rome fell and so can we.

Kristine Yankovsky is a local attorney. She is a U.S. citizen who lived in Europe growing up. She speaks French and Russian and is a student of history.


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