People can write anything they want. It’s a free country. It is up to your readers to filter through the claims from earnest promoters of one story or another. The truth behind our saying “It takes one to know one” tells me that the man who decries one-sided bias and lack of checks and balances at climatefeedback.org is as likely to be biased as his target. He is protecting the order in his comfort zone, which is threatened by the chaos of changing systems. Your readers will have to decide who to believe.

Climatefeedback.org is an association of earth scientists who review media stories about climate change. Their list of reviewers includes PhD-level scholars. As trained scientists (continuously peer-reviewed in their research and publications), they have high standards for factual claims, fallacies, misleading comparisons and false conclusions. If they seem one-sided to a layman, it is not because they are part of a vast conspiracy of the know-it-alls to ruin your life. It is because the factual evidence of human-caused climate change compels them to shine light on misleading rhetoric. Readers can choose to believe the best minds in the world, who have devoted their lives to understanding the earth’s biosphere (at low pay I must add), or promoters of more convenient stories. I trust the scientists.

The inconvenient truth of man-caused climate change can no longer be denied. Greta is right. The planet is in a mass extinction, losing species diversity at accelerating rates. Scientists have recognized the greenhouse effect will heat the earth for over 100 years. The isotopic age of the CO2 in samples of our atmosphere came from fossil carbon of burned coal and gas. Methane, (an even more potent greenhouse gas), started building up as man developed rice cultivation, and accelerated with the domestication of cattle. We know this from samples of ice cores in 10,000-year-old glaciers, which we also know are melting at accelerating rates. Scientists can measure world surface temperatures, which plot along with CO2 and thousands of other parameters as mundane as concrete production and McDonalds franchises. The “Great Acceleration” beginning in the early 1950s continues unabated. For decades scientists have projected trends and made predictions from models, which are the only way to see into the future. Their accuracy improves as we accumulate more data and refine the techniques. How inconvenient that they are so often correct! How sad that some people, who can’t trouble themselves to learn it, can’t bring themselves to trust it.

Humankind, tangled in tribal loyalties, hasn’t developed a species-centered value system to protect our planet in the long term. Today we sit on the cusp between order and chaos, (Lemmings massing at the cliff edge). In this time of great peril and great promise, the inevitable changes required to confront the truth and turn the corner seem too “costly” to the individuals currently in power (e.g. McClintock). Comfortable old folks stick their heads in the sand so they won’t have to see the world they will leave their grandchildren.

John H. Kramer, PhD



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