For over 40 years Prop. 13 has provided certainty to property owners. It protects homeowners, renters, small businesses and more from sudden tax increases we can’t afford. That same tax certainty provided by Prop. 13 has benefited our government as well by providing a stable and reliable stream of revenue.

Now, measures are headed to the ballot to dismantle these protections. One has already qualified (2020, Prop. 13) and another is in the signature gathering stage. The impact of this tax increase, if it passes, would amount to higher costs for consumer goods, such as food and fuel, which we all use every day. The split-roll measures are misleading. Supporters don’t want you to know that about $1 billion in administrative costs and payments to the state are paid out first, and then whatever is left gets split with 60% going to unspecified local government services and, lastly, only about 40% goes to schools, with no guarantee that the money makes it to the classroom.

Even worse, many small businesses will be forced to close their doors or leave the state, and an estimated 120,000 jobs will be lost, hurting female- and minority-owned businesses the most.

Bottom line, the proposed measures provide no accountability for taxpayers and no protections to keep politicians from diverting money to their friends and special interests.

Please consider voting no on the tax increase measure on March 3.

Al Segalla,


Calaveras County Taxpayers Association

San Andreas


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