This is in response to Mr. Pesout’s column in the Enterprise on Oct. 22. I believe Mr. Pesout’s column exemplifies the hypocrisy, ignorance and arrogance unfortunately found on the left and Democratic party.

Mr. Pesout starts with why women would vote for President Trump who was accused of raping 26 women. First, I didn’t know “accused” meant “guilty.” I thought people were innocent until proven guilty, as was Bill Clinton guilty with his escapades in the White house. C’mon, man.

Mr. Pesout then slings the debunked story of President Trump saying disparaging words about our soldiers. Now if a guy hated our soldiers, why would he have spent so much money on them? He got the soldiers more pay and has spent countless dollars taking care of our veterans. He is the only president since the last five that hasn’t put us in a war but is trying to get us out of them. Does this sound like a guy who hates our soldiers? C’mon, man!

Mr. Pesout then moves on to the press. Please tell me what president in history has gotten more negative press than this one? Look it up and you will find nobody is even close. The press is still holding on to the Russia hoax and won’t even talk about the Biden bombshell. Do you think you have a free and independent press? C’mon, man!

He then mentions he doesn’t understand how Christians could vote for a guy who put kids in cages and separate them. Too bad he didn’t do his homework, for it was Obama and Biden who built those cages. Also, I’m sure Christians would flock to a party that supports killing a child all the way up to the time of birth. C’mon, man!

He then moves on to the shopper. Why any Black or Hispanic person would vote for President Trump because he is a racist. President Trump (before COVID) set records for low Black and Hispanic unemployment; he funded Black colleges for the next 10 years; he’s trying to give all kids school choice specifically for those in poor neighborhoods; he passed the crime bill. He’s created opportunity zones for the Black and Hispanic communities. Black and Hispanic home ownership is at all-time highs. If this is racist, President Trump is a horrible racist. C’mon, man!

I think I have made my point; I know that Mr. Pesout and the whole Democratic party wants nothing but democrats to run all branches of government. What I don’t understand is why? They have had that government in California for the past 40 years. Please tell me, Mr. Pesout, Mr. Wychopen, Jerry and Mr. Urbanus why this has worked out so well for our state? I ask all of you (and I ask sincerely) that you explain to all of us the great achievements that have happened over democratic one-party rule for the past 40 years. All I see is a high taxed state that is bankrupt, horrible schools, horrible infrastructure, record homelessness, horrible electricity grid and constant fires. I look forward to future articles from you explaining how great the single-party system has worked so well in California and how great that would be for the whole country.

Ironically, those who don’t like President Trump are the ones who got President Trump elected. President Trump got elected because people were tired of hearing the same old lies being fed to them from politicians. Being looked down upon as we were too stupid to have any say in how our government is run. It’s the smart elites that know best.

We got tired of the “shut-up-and-obey” mentality. We were so tired of it we were willing to take a chance on someone who had no political experience; we are glad we did. Joe Biden is the epitome of the lifetime politician. Been in office for 47 years and has no achievements but has found a way being on a government salary to become very wealthy. Wonder how that happens? Unfortunately, there are many more in politics who are doing the same.

I hope President Trump is the beginning and we will all grow tired of those politicians in our state not listening to or caring about our opinions. I thought many years ago that the state of California had reached the bottom, but our politicians continue to prove me wrong. It’s time to change things and it starts by standing up and letting those in charge hear us and then taking care of it at the ballot box.


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