I resigned as a board member of a health care district yesterday because they fired key personnel that were unvaccinated for a virus with a proven 98% survival rate and can infect those who are vaccinated or not, while natural immunity is as effective in fighting the virus.

I am well aware as every person with a pulse, that we were told there was a COVID-19 pandemic from a virus that mysteriously appeared (wink). People locked themselves in and masked up whether microscopic virus droplets can be stopped by a mask or not, but as with most people today, the obedient sheep didn't question the very people we have been told never to trust. Big Pharma, Politicians, Government Agencies and Corporations.

My question to you is that if this virus is as deadly as politicians and government hacks say, why do you find protests, sporting events, parties, award shows and officials at public events not masked, not vaccinated and not social distancing, while forcing us to get vaccinated and keep children masked up and vaccinated for school. HYPOCRISY!!!

Why do employers with 100 employees have to be vaccinated but less than 100 don't? Why don't some union members have to be vaccinated but health care workers and police do? Why do average Americans have to be vaccinated to have their job but government officials don't?

When we were locked down in fear of the unknown, health care workers and police went to work every day to save lives and risk their own, while being hailed as heroes but now lose jobs and are discarded as trash if they don't have a forced vaccine because of a mandate against freedom of personal choice.

For arrogant people posting about taking rednecks to Tractor Supply and infecting us, we aren't afraid of a 98% survival rate because our jobs are far more dangerous. We don't whine, we create and do. So, we will sit in Tractor Supply, get infected, get well and work cohesively to take our community back because you divided us while hurting our children and their future.

Ralph Emerson



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