Now we know what 60% of voters in Calaveras County endorse: creating orphans, voter intimidation, sexual assault of women, no press freedoms, gassing lawful peaceful protesters, racism, tax cheating, incessant lying, and falling for one of the biggest frauds in the history of our country – plus too many other misdeeds to mention. Are these long held American values?

Mr. Trump has now exhausted all his well-laid plans for stealing our democracy. Slowing the mail didn’t work; voter suppression didn’t work; lawsuits in front of Trump-appointed judges didn’t work; and attempts to change electors didn’t work. It’s just one attempted coup after another. His lies are all collapsing in the face of the facts. Do the math.

Hopefully, someday, these voters will escape this awful cult and figure out they’ve been duped. Here’s how he plays this game: repeat lies ad nauseum, create fear and anxiety, then it easily morphs into the truth without any skepticism or critical thinking on behalf of the voter. Straight out of the autocrat’s handbook. Put hack lawyers on TV to repeat those same lies, conspiracies and non-facts. Of course, when that same hack lawyer goes into court not a word of what was spewed out to the media is presented in court. Why? They have absolutely no basis in fact – like evidence – to prove their case. They risk losing their law license if they do. This is why 30-plus lawsuits have been thrown out of court after court. But yes, I did hear about one case of voter fraud from the state of Pennsylvania. In Luzerne County a Trump voter tried to vote twice with his dead mother’s ballot. I wonder where that idea came from? Never forget: thieves think all men steal.

Mr. Trump needs to put on his big boy pants and do the same thing Jimmy Carter, John McCain, Al Gore, Mitt Romney and Hillary did.

The “divider in chief” has been fired by the American people.

Barbara Conroy,



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