You cannot kill the virus by killing the economy. It’s more acceptable to have a portion of the population sick rather than have both at the same time – if you kill the economy, you cannot take care of the sick.

You quarantine the sick and elderly, not the healthy, you let the healthy mingle. You cannot build a herd immunity by locking up everyone and throwing away the key. Shutting down everything is the wrong move; we as a nation cannot sustain itself, our economy and infrastructure will eventually collapse, that is Economics 101.

The Swedish model of an open society, keeping businesses open, moderate social distancing, and isolating the sick and elderly contributed to an over 60% herd immunity. We are doing it all wrong in this country.

Yes, many in the media wrote blistering articles against what Sweden did, claiming they contributed to higher infection rates and deaths, simply such is not true. Just recently the World Health Organization admitted that what Sweden did could be “future model” for coronavirus policy.

Open up the economy. Gavin Newsom’s model is flawed and not science or data driven as he claims. This is no longer about saving lives, it is about controlling everyone and everything at the whim of one man.

Jerry Avalos,

Valley Springs


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