The case against Donald Trump is so strong I just can’t imagine how anyone would vote for him. Many Americans can be forgiven for 2016. Those who voted for him didn’t know who they were voting for. He came across to them as the anti-establishment candidate, running against a political insider. He promised them the sky, claimed he was rich, brilliant, capable of draining the swamp, and fixing the country’s every woe.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice – with all we know now – shame on every American who votes for him in 2020.

Let’s look at the various demographics.

No self-respecting woman would vote for this “grab-’em-because-you’re-a-celebrity-and-they’ll-let-you” creep. What enlightened woman would vote for someone who refers to his female opponents as people with “blood coming out of her wherever,” and describes them with words like “fat,” “ugly,” “bimbo,” “third-rate,” and “dogs” with the “face of a pig?” Certainly, no woman would want her daughter to grow up in a world where a person accused of sexual assault and rape by 26 women is cast as an exemplar for behavior.

Nobody who has served in the military would vote for a person who stated out loud that soldiers are “suckers” and “losers” for putting their lives on the line to serve their country, someone who calls their generals a “bunch of dopes,” someone who never even protested Russian bounties on dead American soldiers.

No one who has any regard for our history would mark their ballot for a person who thinks the press is the “enemy of the people.”

No citizen would waste their vote on a politician who considers himself above the law, unindictable, not even investigable.

No honest voter would support a person who swindled students at Trump University, conned donors to the Trump Foundation, and is being investigated for bank fraud, tax fraud, insurance fraud, wire fraud and mail fraud. The man even fleeced his own relatives of their inheritance. Who does that?

What truthful person would vote for a person who’s lied 20,000 times in the last four years?

I don’t know any Christian who would want a person in office with so little empathy that he’d separate families, cage their children, and build internment camps in the desert. Do they simply ignore the fact that he paid off a porn star to not disclose his adultery and then tried to hide it?

Certainly, no one associated with the government would support an office holder who’s fired five inspectors general for investigating his cabinet, intervened to get security clearances for people previously denied, and doesn’t read his intelligence briefings.

Blacks certainly wouldn’t vote for a person who said some of the white supremacists and Nazis who marched in Charlottesville were “very fine people” and recommended the Proud Boys “stand by.” He recently instructed federal agencies and contractors to end racial sensitivity training because it’s “divisive, anti-American propaganda.” No, it’s not.

Hispanics know that he stereotyped Mexicans as “drug dealers, criminals, rapists.” Why would they vote for him?

He’s rolled back civil rights protections for LGBTQ people. Certainly, they’d never vote for him.

How could any young person concerned about their future support a person who refuses to fight climate change, pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord, eliminated environmental standards and protections for threatened and endangered species, and proposed opening our national parks and preserves for fossil fuel extraction? They would have to be completely unconcerned about their long-term – even immediate – future to support his re-election.

Why would a person endorse a candidate with eight advisors and lawyers charged, indicted, arrested, convicted or imprisoned for serious crimes? Have they forgotten their names? Bannon, Stone, Manafort, Papadopoulus, Cohen, Nader, Flynn, Gates, not to mention 13 Russian nationals and 12 Russian military intelligence officers. Do the words “individual 1” mean anything to these voters?

What American patriot supports a president who cozies up to dictators like Putin, Un, Erdogan and el-Sisi, but trashes our relationships with allies, shares classified information with Russian officials, tweets classified photos, and calls others on private, unsecure cell phones? This is the same man who withheld congressionally approved military aid to an ally nation engaged in a hot war with Russia to pressure them to dig up dirt on a potential political opponent. Who votes for such a person?

And as if this list is not long enough, there shouldn’t be any American willing to prolong his ineptitude in dealing with the pandemic threat that has cost over 200,000 Americans their lives. His delays, denials, mismanagement, refusal to promote CDC guidelines, promulgation of ineffective treatments and cures, and worst of all, his unwillingness to support the one, best, simplest hope for containing the spread of the virus – masking – while simultaneously trying to eliminate the Affordable Care Act further endangering 20 million people who depend on it for medical care is unconscionable.

This is the case against Trump. This is the reason to wonder who’s left to vote for him. He said he could shoot someone and not lose voters. If he gets any votes, maybe that’s true. Every single vote he does get is reason to worry about America’s future.

Jim Pesout is a retired high school teacher who lives in Mountain Ranch. You can reach him at


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