Editor’s note: The Calaveras County Democratic Central Committee recently submitted an open letter to Rep. Tom McClintock of California’s District 4. The Calaveras Enterprise reached out to Rep. McClintock’s office to give the congressman a chance to respond. 

The “American Rescue Plan” is a prime example of false advertising. The $1.9 trillion partisan spending spree doesn’t “rescue” America, but rather robs us of our future.

Even Larry Summers, Obama’s director of the National Economic Council and Clinton’s Secretary of the Treasury called it “the least responsible” economic policy in 40 years. It narrowly passed the House 220 to 211 and the Senate 50-49.

Americans have been devastated by lockdowns ordered by Democratic governors like Newsom, despite mounting evidence that they have failed to slow the spread of the virus while tragically costing lives through increased suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, delayed health treatments and surging poverty.

The answer is to end the lockdowns—not mortgage the future.

Yes, the bill provides $1,400 of “relief” for most people—not only the shopkeeper who was ruined by the lockdowns, but also the public employee who received steady paychecks while staying at home.

But with every benefit comes a cost. Divided by American households, the $1.9 trillion price tag comes to about $15,000 from an average family’s future purchasing power through increased taxes and inflation, and lower wages and reduced earnings. The Democrats know this, because one provision in the bill forbids states from cutting taxes, while they pursue $2 trillion in new taxes that will devastate consumers, employees and retirees.

So where does the rest of the money go? Federal government employees—who all have been getting steady paychecks—can take up to $21,000 in paid family leave ($1,400 a week) if their kids are not in school. The single mom who lost her job as a waitress is on her own. Billions of dollars flow to the very governments that destroyed their economies by shutting down their businesses and are now complaining about revenue shortfalls. Sierra taxpayers, for example, get to pay for two years of San Francisco’s deficit spending. Felons in prison will receive this round of “stimulus” checks, along with an estimated 2.6 million illegal aliens issued work authorizations. It includes the first racial reparations measure, allowing only non-white farmers to write off government loans.

It is, in effect, a gigantic transfer of wealth from private sector employees to public sector employees, from young to old and from Republican to Democratic jurisdictions.

The Trump tax and regulatory cuts produced an unprecedented blue-collar boom. Before the blue-state lockdowns, Americans enjoyed the greatest wage growth in 40 years, the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and the lowest poverty rate in 60 years.

That’s the relief we need. But the Democrats are taking us in a very different direction. Who will rescue America from the American Rescue Plan?

Congressman Tom McClintock,

California, District 4


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