Donald Trump has betrayed his oath of office. He has violated the public trust with his abuse of power. He has betrayed all the people, not only those who elected him. He used the power of his office for his own personal gain by withholding crucial military aid at the expense of our national security. The test for impeachment is if we agree on the facts, we can’t wait for the election. The president has sought to undermine the integrity of our election. He will do so again if unchecked.

The transcript of the phone call to the president of Ukraine is an undeniable offense. Most telling of all is the cover-up. Trump’s obstruction of justice and of Congress is a fact. He withheld documents and refused to allow persons involved to testify. If this is allowed to stand, then what will stop any president from doing that?

In his ignorance of the Constitution, he has no defense. The framers of the Constitution had disagreement about the impeachment clause. In the debate over whether impeachment should be included, George Mason asked, “Should any man be above justice?” He was right when he answered with his own rhetoric. “Much less, the man who has the capacity to commit the most extensive injustice, that man cannot be above justice.” Consequently, even if we look at the pitfalls of impeachment, we must move forward. Congress must do its Constitutional duty and remove him from office.

M.E. Connelly,

Valley Springs


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