There are lots of people saying that we should be united again. We need to heal the “soul of the nation.” Others say, “Hell no.” Over 50% of Republicans don’t think Biden is the legitimately elected president. When there is that much of a disconnect, how do we become united?

We just had an insurrection at the Capital. And, yeah, they were Trump supporters urged on by the president who has refused to concede and instead has complained that he got cheated. We have elected Republicans that supported overturning the election during the counting of the Electoral College. Vice-President Pence was supposed to overturn the election somehow even though all 50 states had certified the election already.

That’s kind of like the MC of the Oscars opening an envelope and deciding that Tom Hanks has won enough Oscars and he’s going to give it to Leonardo DiCaprio. There is a reason that an accounting firm counts all the votes and certifies them. You want to get it right. Remember when the Academy’s accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers screwed up in 2017 and mistakenly gave a letter to the MC stating, “La La Land” won best picture rather than “Moonlight?” You know what happened to the two accountants that screwed that up? Yeah, they got fired.

So even though we all know the count of the Electoral College, just to be sure there is no mix-up with the electors, we count the whole thing again. It is a formality. Sort of like announcing who won Best Picture.

But what about all the election fraud? Where is it? Sixty-five lawsuits went to the courts. The Trump team lost 64 of those including two in the Supreme Court. You need to have evidence to win court cases. The one case they won allowed observers to be within 6 feet of the poll workers. All 50 states, including Republican-controlled states, certified the election. One of Trump’s claims was that 5,000 dead people voted in Georgia. The Georgia Republican Secretary of State says there were two. And both of those dead people voted for Trump. Certainly not enough to change the election.

What else needs to be done to get certain people to believe that Biden won the election? More investigations? Hearings? Sidney Powell, Trump’s former attorney, said there was so much fraud, she was going to “release the Kraken.” What happened? Instead of a giant squid wreaking havoc and sinking ships, her serving was a half-baked dish of calamari takeout. And, like a used takeout container, her claims were thrown in the trash by Trump-appointed judges because there was no basis in facts.

Vice-President Pence and Senator Mitch McConnell (R – Kent.) have accepted Biden as the president. On the Senate floor McConnell said, “The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.” Attorney General Bill Barr said there was no credible evidence of fraud that could have overturned the election. Is it just sour grapes or delusion that has so many Republicans not accepting the election?

Everyone understands there won’t be any kumbaya moment. Democrats fought Trump and the Republicans at the start of his administration. I am sure Republicans will fight just as hard against Biden and the Democrats. That’s democracy in action. There is one problem though. We have a pandemic that we need to conquer. The economy is in the trash can. If we want to get back to some kind of normal, we have to work together, as much as we might hate it, to get this country out of the toilet.

To do that, we need to at least be on the same page. There is no credible evidence that shows Donald Trump won the election “by a landslide.” Investigate it. Please investigate it. And then admit that Biden is the president. Just like Trump lied about the legitimacy of Obama, claiming he wasn’t born in the United States, he was lying about the election being stolen. He gave people misinformation and false hope and then told them to go to the Capital and fight like hell. So, they did.

Loyalty is to the Constitution, not the president. If you’re an officer, a politician, in the military, you swear an oath to the Constitution. Presidents come and go. The Constitution survives, but not if a large portion of its residents don’t believe in it. If you object to a state-by-state certified election, and want the Congress to overthrow the election, then you aren’t a conservative. You don’t believe in states’ rights. You’re a radical. Maybe even an insurrectionist.

If you want unity, if you want the United States of America, accept Biden as the president. Be the loyal opposition. The country and the Constitution demand another election in four years. You get another chance.

Don Urbanus is a semi-retired resident of Valley Springs.


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