We find ourselves these days in a place where we live in two very different world views and act with intolerance and hostile blame toward those people who are not living in our world view. It hurts my heart every day when I read comments online. For my own well-being it would be better if I never read them, but I do want to see and understand.

I have my own theories on how we got to this place and how it is held in place, but, for me, how we got here is less important than how we move beyond it. How do we bridge a great divide between all of us humans who at heart are really the same?

Truly we have more in common than what divides us. We want to live in safety and health; we want the very best for our children; we want to know we are drinking clean water and breathing clean air; we want the freedom and skills and support we need to thrive in whatever we undertake. We want an economy and a culture that we can trust.

I wish I knew the magic answer that would allow us once again to be able to talk about our differing views without yelling, to sit down in openness and kindness and speak and be heard. Unfortunately, I think the current pandemic situation makes it worse. We can’t gather as we used to, we have to maintain social distance. We can’t see each other’s faces and remember how much we like each other.

Maybe we simply take a deep breath before we type the first thing that comes into our head when we read an article or opinion. Maybe we just picture the face of someone we love and ask how we would feel saying to them what we are planning to write.

Maybe the strength of our common community and our innate human goodness can rule the day. Maybe as well as being Calaveras Strong we can be Calaveras Together and Calaveras Kind.

Mickey Williamson,



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