I make phone calls for political candidates often; many every day. The most frustrating response I hear is “I couldn’t possibly vote for a (name a political party).” Never mind that they like what they are hearing about the candidate. Some people would rather choose political posturing over real solutions to local issues.

“I can’t vote for Brynne Kennedy; she’s a democrat. Democrats are for open borders, they don’t support the Second Amendment, they are soft on crime.”

Which shows they do not know Brynne Kennedy. She supports strong borders and a good immigration policy. She fully supports the Second Amendment and has no intention of taking anyone’s guns away. She does support universal background checks, but so does the vast majority of the American people. She supports our right to peaceful protest but speaks out strongly against violence and looting.

Brynne wants real solutions to our problems, not democrat solutions or republican solutions but solutions that address real issues. She wants us to pay less for medications, to keep our rural hospitals open and thriving. She wants a strong economic recovery, especially for our small businesses. She wants everyone to have access to broadband, no matter where they live. She wants our forests effectively thinned, and she wants to get us funds to help us harden our homes against fire.

It’s time to elect a representative who will put partisanship aside and serve our communities first. It’s time for us to put partisanship aside when we vote. Let’s elect a representative that will work for each and every one of us. I’m voting for Brynne Kennedy to represent me in the House of Representatives.

Mickey Williamson,



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