The Civil War was started because the North (Lincoln) needed the revenue from the South and to force the South back into the Union. The reason they left the Union was because the government wanted to control all aspects of Southern business and life. Lincoln put media and people in prison for telling the truth to the public.

Sound familiar? There is no consistency in the mandates which control people from the Wuhan China virus and science does not support the harsh measures our politicians are making up, while allowing people to destroy communities to economic ruin through riots and encouraging people to bully their neighbors over a mask or trying to support their family (really)?

Those self-proclaimed social justice warriors feel empowered to tell others how to live their once-free lives but I have news for you: we are done putting up with your bullying! Please come visit and let’s enjoy each other’s company, but if you plan on telling me how to live or support my family, you will have a very unfriendly encounter.

If you don’t like America that allows you to whine and complain while protecting your right to protest, get out. Freedom must be fought for because tolerance of opposing views no longer exists, while violence is condoned and destroying every aspect of our lives while politicians capitalize on our dysfunction, fear and emotions. Stop the madness or reap the consequences! Stop being a sheep and start thinking with your own brain. You know what is right, we all do.

Ralph Emerson,



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