A 19-year-old local woman from one of the old established families tried to organize a peaceful demonstration about police brutality; she was strongly discouraged. She was even threatened. The event was canceled.

Some people feared that busloads of rioters and looters would invade and start burning the place down. If that happened, (some) vowed to come to the rescue with their guns.

This, to me, looks like an obvious case of too much TV.

This county is the size of the state of Rhode Island, with maybe 55,000 people. Very few people of color live here since The Thing got in the (White House). They feel unwelcome.

We have mostly trees and cow pastures here. No big towns. Not even any big stores. We are comparatively quaint. People move here and come here on vacation to get away from all that big-time hassle.

To believe mobs are going to invade is ridiculous, exaggerated, overblown, hyperbolic paranoid fantasy and nonsense.

And to think the local yokel, boy howdy, vigilante cowboys are going to save us is juvenile.

I am proud of this youngster and her friends for making the effort toward a peaceful demonstration.

I am ashamed for the adults that shut her down.

KC Bailey,

Angels Camp


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