I would just like to say to my fellow baby boomers as we head into this presidential election, that Old Joe Biden is in fact the proverbial “old dog that can’t hunt anymore.” With his infamous quotes while campaigning as: I am an old school democrat and that is why I am running for the senate; and we need a $15 million-an-hour minimum wage, etc.

Mr. Biden’s notorious political career has been one of a plunderer, as described by Frederick Bastiat, “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in our society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

Think about banks that are too big to fail and politicians too big to jail! Joe the sly dog, with his new taxation program appears to be heading in the same direction as that expressed by President Abraham Lincoln, “It is the same principal in whatever form it develops itself, it is the same spirit that says, ‘You work and toil and earn bread, and I’ll eat it.’”

There has been an obvious new form of slavery that has been introduced in the United States over the past 70 years that knows no color, gender, races or creeds, and for the most insidious purposes of eliminating the totality of the American middle class. Starting with the assassination of President Kennedy, then President Johnson’s perpetual acts of redistribution, couple with President Nixon’s elimination of the Gold Standard, all of which began the transformation of the U.S. into a sort of self-financing fiat welfare state.

This phenomenon has brought about a kind of “AOC fourth dimension of a constant COVID-19 mentality.” Stupefying the U.S. citizens, while building an enormous pumping engine of the powerful state and federal governmental machinery with all sorts of ducts, valves and thermostats increasing mass consumption, reducing saving, ensuring unemployment/homelessness, while eliminating private property, and everyone is nursing his neighbor. But, the spell keeps the welfare states, springs flowing with its ever-decreasing in value fiat currency (the dollar) into the numerous insatiable public treasuries. Hence, the burden of the country’s system of mass social services are not being born by the oligarchs but have in fact been placed on the shoulders of those same formerly middle-class masses whose interests the system is supposed to serve.

This, in actual practice, means that the ever-declining value of the fiat currency is conjured from the people’s right pocket into their left pocket, with a detour via the U.S. Treasury, while sustaining huge friction losses totaling some $30 trillion of debt. Consequently, with the people’s pockets now empty and in debt up to their eyeballs, and out of work or unemployed, Old Joe wants to tax and borrow to keep this whole extend-pretend-devalue Ponzi scheme afloat.

This unconstitutional, extraordinary high price is what the 99% of the American people have been compelled to pay in the form of costs of an ever-growing, more-powerful governmental machinery. And it begs the question of whether all Americans would not be better off if the U.S. welfare state were to be dismantled except for an indispensable minimum, by putting the U.S. and the states into chapter 11 bankruptcy. These very painful acts of having to balance their budgets with spending cuts, sale of assets, and establishing honest money again, would attach the greatest possible stability to the individual American’s personal freedom, i.e. our inalienable rights to those certain promise-keeping functions of our Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution; aka, our individual lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness and our personal safety.

Tom Swartz,

Rail Road Flat


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