I joined the Navy April 9, 1959. After 10 weeks of boot camp and 10 weeks disbursing (payroll) school, I was ordered to the U.S.S. Kearsarge “somewhere in Wes Pac” – western Pacific.

Crossing the Pacific on U.S.S. El Dorado, I caught up to Kearsarge in Okinawa on Christmas Day 1959. It was my home until March 1963.

Kearsarge was home to 2,500 sailors and 50 Marines.

The “suckers and losers” in Trump’s mind – men protecting our country. How this guy could think and then mutter these despicable words and have his finger on “the button” is beyond belief.

We are truly leaderless; this indifferent ignoramus, who couldn’t locate most states on the map, no words of comfort or compassion on the virus, fires, global warming, etc.

How any vet, plus women and Blacks, could vote for this guy … what do they see? Dividing the country – red and blue states; he is not a president. Four more years of him and his cult could destroy America.

I pray for his defeat.

Gus Spraker,

Pleasant Springs


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