I would first like to thank Mr. Tuck on his Oct. 3 article “Us versus them,” for it made me think and realize that I may not have clearly conveyed my message responding to an article by Mr. Wychopen in the past. I think Mr. Tuck’s article is a pure example of what I will try to convey this time around.

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly evaluating the credibility of what we hear from the news/politicians/friends/family etc. What they tell us and what we believe depends a lot on how we perceive their credibility on a subject. When it comes to issues of values, I weigh heavily upon “do people practice what they preach?” If someone wants to lecture me on honesty, their credibility with me weighs heavily on if I perceive them as an honest person.

In reading articles from Mr. Tuck and Mr. Wychopen, and watching the news media (CNN, MSNBC), politicians, etc., I have serious questions about credibility. Do they really believe in what they are saying or is this just personal? In addressing Mr. Tuck’s article, it is clear that he cares deeply about the environment. The issue I have is he only mentions President Trump. He doesn’t take to task Gov. Newsom and the state legislators who have let the homeless situation morph into a health and environmental crisis. The EPA has just fined San Francisco for huge environmental infractions with human waste and needles pouring into our ocean. California is home to two of the most powerful politicians in the country: Nancy Pelosi and Diannne Feinstein. They have done nothing to address the homeless crisis in California, and they are both from the San Francisco area. In Los Angeles they are seeing diseases that are coming back from Medieval times and again our politicians have done nothing.

As a matter of fact it was a conservative from the east with help from volunteers who just spent a couple of days and cleaned up 52 tons of garbage. He doesn’t even live in the state and he has done more.

California has the fifth largest economy in the world. We could be a country by ourselves. We are one of the highest taxed states in America, but our schools are below average, our roads and infrastructure are in trouble, our power grid is a joke (recent shutdowns combined with high electricity prices) and we have the highest homelessness and poverty in the country. If we were a country we would be third world. The Democratic party has run this state for over 40 years so tell me who is the blame.

Yet I read and watch the news and nobody in the mainstream media or articles from Mr. Tuck or Mr. Wychopen challenge those in power in this state, just go after the president. So what is it? Is it personal or do you really care about what you’re talking about? Actions speak louder than words. I really don’t care if you’re a democrat or a republican, left or right. If you share my values, I’m going to support you, and when I disagree with you I’ll let you know and give you the opportunity to change my mind. In Mr. Wychopen’s response to my letter when I mentioned how many times Nancy Pelosi had lied, he basically said what does one have to do with the other. What I was trying to convey is, if you hold one person accountable you hold them all accountable; that is credibility. The environmental crowd should be ashamed of themselves, scaring children that the world is going to end in 12 years. A child should not have to worry about those types of things at that age, especially given there is no proof whatsoever that it will happen. Didn’t Al Gore tell us that 20 years ago? China is the largest polluter in the world, but I do not see the environmental crowd going after them, they are the largest humanitarian violators on the planet. They have two million people in concentration camps. Yet I hear nothing from the democrats and their supporters, just that everything is about that dastardly Trump.

In closing, in my mind, if you truly believe in something, it should make no difference what party affiliation you have, what race you are, gender or religion. What is right is right; what is wrong is wrong. If it’s personal, you’re just a partisan hack trying to score a vendetta and have no credibility in my eyes, because it shows me you are so blinded by hate you cannot let reason into the equation. That is what divides us.

One last piece of advice for Mr. Tuck: I had a friend who played golf and he would get so upset when he hit a bad shot, that I finally told him to give up the game and find something more enjoyable to do with his time. In Mr. Tuck’s situation, I would advise that he just stop watching CNN.

If you’re wondering why Donald Trump has such popularity, I would recommend an article written by a Democratic Mayor of Livermore on LinkedIn.

Kip Kuntz,

Valley Springs


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