For being a columnist and author, we should expect more journalism from Jerry Tuck and less repetition of Nancy Pelosi’s talking points and irrelevant asides.

In Tuck’s recent piece defending the post office bill, he spends about half of the article writing about his nice friend who works for the post office and how they play tennis together. Why is this even relevant? Just because a nice friend works for the post office does not mean it should receive millions in taxpayer dollars.

Then we move on to Louis DeJoy, the new postmaster general. What Tuck does not mention is that the USPS Board of Governors, which is bipartisan, unanimously selected DeJoy. Why did two democrats vote for DeJoy? Because he is an expert in his field and has been working in logistics throughout his life.

An expert is exactly what the USPS needs right now. In the last 11 years, the USPS has lost $69 billion. Why is the USPS losing money when private logistics companies are profiting? Like most government agencies, inefficiency is rampant when funding is guaranteed despite subpar service. The USPS has $14 billion in cash reserves and a $10 billion line of credit. These are the issues we need an expert like DeJoy to address.

Now with the democrats’ post office bill, you would think it would optimize the USPS, right? Wrong. The bill actually prevents the USPS from employing improved cost-saving measures, and, despite the USPS being fully funded until 2021, allocates another $25 billion to the agency. That sounds like a racket. Don’t we want our tax dollars to be spent wisely?

Not to mention the glaring issues with universal mail-in voting, which Tuck seems to ignore. In Clark County, Nev., one in five mail-in ballots were never delivered. In New York a primary result was delayed for weeks because of the mishandling of mail-in ballots. I worry what will happen if this occurs in November. Congressman Tom McClintock is right to point out the issues with universal mail-in voting.

Jerry Tuck says what the post office does best is “make us feel good.” If that’s the best justification Tuck can give for wastefully spending millions of taxpayer dollars, he shouldn’t pursue a career in policymaking.

Aurora (Cookie) Weatherby,

Valley Springs


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