An open letter to President Trump to thank him for exposing to the American people the ubiquitous corruption of the U.S. government at every level and jurisdiction, while simultaneously identifying the vast array of domestic enemy combatants who are conspiring to overthrow the American people and their respective sovereignty:

I would like to cite the economist Wilhelm Roepke and his critique of the German government in the 1930s: “Fascism sails along with a minimum of intellectual freight and is proud of it. It is anti-capitalist, but wants no revolutionary changes of the economic or social structure of society. [The result is] intervention plus collectivist phraseology … [Fascism is] military anti-capitalism … that corresponds to anti-liberalism in the political field.”

In contrast, the power the American people have given to their government (Schiff, Pelosi and their Depublican and Remocratic co-conspirators) to exercise on their behalf has always been strictly limited. I cite U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis: “Experience should teach us to be the most on guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficial. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The great dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning, but without understanding.”

Governor Newsom is “the best special interest money can buy.” He has sowed the seeds of his own destruction and he has never had any sense of proportion and way overstepped his limits as a public servant and committed political suicide. His recall for me represents the sharp and irreconcilable clash of the most important questions of the economic and social stability for the citizens of California by eliminating the infernal mixture of unbridled power and deception by the morally unsettled and mentally confused politicians in Sacramento. This in actual practice means the money is conjured from the people’s right pocket into their left, with a detour via the State Treasury with California’s taxpayers sustaining huge friction losses and who now owe (per Truth in Accounting’s Financial State of States Report) $21,800 per taxpayer, and where almost half of the U.S. homeless population lives.

This extraordinary high price the people have been compelled to pay in the form of costs of an ever and more powerful state machinery, begs the question of whether all Californians would not be better off if the welfare state were to be dismantled or terminated, except for an indispensable minimum, and if the money thus saved were left to non-governmental forms of social services?

The state’s monster and overgrown functions must be drastically pruned and its economic, financial and social policies need to be once more made to firm, simple, constitutional and universally understood rules inspired by the common interest and a free economy. Without these there can be no protection from the arbitrary government power of Gov. Newsom and the Legislature. I realize the consequences of taking the actions I am advocating, but for all practical purposes we are at war (trade, currency, politics) and I would like to remind my California baby boomer cohorts of the heroics of General Patton (a Californian) and the Third Army ending World War II in Europe. Finally, the burden of California’s system of mass social services is no longer being born by the phony higher incomes of Silicon Valley alone, but have been placed on the shoulders of those same masses whose interests the system is supposed to serve. ($21,800) per California taxpayer.

Tom Swartz

Rail Road Flat


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