I write to thank the Calaveras Enterprise for printing an excellently written letter by Will Moore.

He wrote with clarity about the election process and shared his experience from the inside as a poll worker for two decades.

It was heartening to hear what he had to say about the efforts local election boards make to ensure each vote is accurately counted.

I was beginning to think I was the only American who knew that the results announced on election night are only predictions. Most people have gone on to other things and take little notice when the newspapers and radio report the certified election results about a month later. Followed by the official Electoral College vote a few weeks after that.

When the president raised concerns about someone filling out 1,000 absentee ballots, I knew that was impossible. No way could someone create fake ballots that exactly match the county’s ballots – with the right names, list of offices, ink colors and quality of paper. And if they tried, the false documents would stand out like a sore thumb. And if they were successful, they’d have to get the names of 1,000 voters, match their exact signature, guess the code on the absentee ballot correctly, and hope that person didn’t already vote. It would be a fool’s errand.

Election officials work hard to make sure every legitimate ballot is counted. It takes an army of paid staff and volunteers working endlessly to certify a local election. One of my friends has been working six days a week in her county’s election office. Her boss told the staff he hoped to get the job done before Thanksgiving.

Trump supporters should take comfort in knowing their vote went to Biden – since California is a “winner-takes-all” state; all 55 electoral college votes go to him regardless of who you voted for individually.

Where your vote really counts is in the local election. In Tuolumne County we have seen some races decided by five votes. That’s when you know your trip to the ballot box truly made a difference.

Elena Linehan,



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